Leiomyosarcoma is malignant, occurring quite rarely, developing from a smooth muscle tissue tumor. Most often, leiomyosarcoma develops in the uterus, stomach, bladder, on the skin, in the small intestine. Oncologists believe that Read the rest of this entry »


базалиома фото Basalioma is a malignant lesion of the skin. Among all other tumors, basal cell is well suited for treatment and can lead to 100% cure. The main problem of the basal cell remains that it can lead to a disruption in the function of muscle tissue, damage Read the full entry »


миелома фото Myeloma is an oncological disease of the blood that is characterized by the damage of B-lymphocytes and the development of oncologically altered plasma cells from them, which synthesize antibodies. Myeloma is also characterized by various manifestations Read the rest of this entry »

Myeloid leukemia

миелолейкоз фото Myeloleukemia is a chronic neoplastic disease of the hematopoiesis system, which belongs to the leukemia group, which is characterized by a rather large amount of formation in the blood system of immature granulocytes. Myeloleukemia at the beginning of its development is an increased read more »

Myeloma disease

миеломная болезнь фото Myeloma is a disease of a lymphoproliferative nature, the morphological substrate of which is the plasma cells that produce monoclonal immunoglobulin. Myeloma disease or multiple plague disease Read the rest of this entry »


лейкемия фото Leukemia is a disease related to hemoblastosis, as a result of which the cells of the bone marrow are replaced everywhere by malignant cells. In the blood of leukemia, not only tumor leukocytes appear, but also erythrocaryocytes, and megakaryocytes. In addition, education in the blood Read the full entry »


остеосаркома фото Osteosarcoma is the primary form of malignant bone formation. Osteosarcoma is on the sixth place among all malignant pathologies and accounts for almost 70% of all skeletal sarcomas. Опухоль берёт начало in Read the rest of this entry »


лимфома фото Lymphoma is the combined name of several oncological diseases, which tend to affect the lymphatic tissue with an increase in lymph nodes and the defeat of many somatic organs, which are characterized by uncontrolled accumulation of pathological lymphocytes. Read the rest of this entry »