Ectopic pregnancy

внематочная беременность фото Ectopic pregnancy doctors diagnose when the embryo is attached for later development and growth outside the uterine cavity and the pregnancy itself runs outside the uterus. After fertilization, the egg becomes an embryo that grows and moves along the tube to the uterus within 4 days. And in the cavity of the uterus, with favorable hands, the embryo gets on day 5. In the event of a malfunction of the fallopian tube, the patency of the pipe is reduced and the BMP comes. This diagnosis for a long time sounded for future mothers, as a verdict and the only treatment was removal of the uterine tube, and if there was a repeated pregnancy outside the uterus, then completely removed the remaining tube and spontaneous conception in a woman in the future did not occur. In percentage terms, pregnancy outside the uterus occurs in 2% of all pregnant women and is one of the causes of death in the first trimester of an interesting situation

Types of ectopic pregnancy

Everything depends on the place of attachment of the fetal egg and in accordance with this it is distinguished:

- Pipe pregnancy

- abdominal

- ovarian

- cervical

- pregnancy of rare localizations (it happens that fertilized several ovules are attached outside the uterus in both tubes - this is a multiple-entry BMP, or the part is attached to the uterus - this is a combined BMB.) With a combined BMB, the operation is performed and the pregnant tube is removed, and the uterine pregnancy is saved and the woman successfully worn out child)

Ectopic pregnancy causes

The main cause of pregnancy outside the womb is the age of the woman who has crossed the 35 year old line. The next reason is the disruption of the uterine tube and a decrease in its passableness due to inflammation or a past illness, as a result of which the embryo can not be implanted into the wall of the tube because of the narrowing of the lumen. The causes are such diseases as adnexitis, chlamydia , gonorrhea , endometriosis, chronic salpingitis, tubal tubal tuberculosis, endocrine diseases . Using a female intrauterine contraceptive such as IUD, IUD or "spiral" can also lead to PMS, as well as infertility treatment and in vitro fertilization. Sometimes doctors can not give an explanation of the offensive of the WBM and if the woman already had a WBM, then the risk of a repeat remains. Therefore, in early pregnancy, you need to make an ultrasound to confirm the presence of a fetal egg in the uterus itself. Artificial abortion is often complicated by inflammatory diseases and is also the cause of BMD. Various tumors and surgical interventions leading to spikes in the tubes, as well as abnormalities in the structure of the genital organs and sexual infantilism, the length of the fallopian tubes and the violation in the sex hormones of secretion lead to BMP

Early signs of ectopic pregnancy

There are no reliable symptoms, for which it is possible to state exactly the presence of an ectopic pregnancy. And with confidence, the diagnosis can only be established with the help of a laparoscopic operation. In the meantime, the doctor calls into question the Navy. But if all the same you are suspected of navy and face deterioration in health: lowering blood pressure, severe abdominal pain, loss of consciousness, dizziness, weakness, then urgently call an ambulance!

The test may not confirm the presence of pregnancy during the WBM and this should alert the woman.

Quite often, women go to bloody discharge and this fact is perceived as the beginning of menstruation, which leads to a very late diagnosis of BMP.

Suspicion of the Navy may be at a very meager monthly after a little delay. And if the test showed pregnancy, but the pain in the lower abdomen and spotting are present, it is necessary to immediately appear to the gynecologist. For a long time, BMB was diagnosed late in case of obvious symptoms (abdominal pain, unconsciousness, bleeding), and now due to sensitive hormonal tests, as well as ultrasound and laparoscopy, an early diagnosis is possible. Hormonal tests include HCG and the determination of the level of progesterone.

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone secreted by the tissues of the embryo and is present only in the blood of a pregnant woman. When a woman is pregnant, the hCG level rises and doubles every 2 days. And if the increase is small, then it indicates the VNB or the danger of not communicating the uterine pregnancy. The same situation with progesterone. If it slowly rises, then this is also an unfavorable sign. The level of these hormones helps to predict where the pregnancy is located, but one can not exactly rely on this sign.

Ultrasound examination - this is a very reliable assistant in determining the Navy. On ultrasound, the fetal egg is seen when the hCG level reaches 1800 IU / L. And if at this level the egg is not in the uterine cavity, then the risk of a navy is high. When the ultrasound shows a fetal egg in the uterine cavity, only then suspicions are removed. At 5 weeks, a fetal egg is found in the uterus, but sometimes a fluid accumulation, as well as blood clots, is taken for a fetal egg.

If these methods are not enough, then they resort to laparoscopic surgery. The surgeon with a tool makes a cut on the skin and looks at the laparoscope monitor. Examining the internal organs with a laparoscope, you can see exactly where the fetal egg is. And when confirming the diagnosis of the hospital, either remove the fetal egg from the tube or the entire tube. Everything will depend on the condition of the pipe внематочная беременность фото2

Rehabilitation after ectopic pregnancy

First of all, the restoration of reproductive function. And this is the prevention of adhesions, contraception, as well as the normalization of the hormonal background. The very duration of hormonal contraception is strictly individual, but not less than 6 months after the operation. And when planning the next pregnancy, it is advisable to make a diagnostic laparoscopy that will assess the state of the uterine tube

Ectopic pregnancy consequences

The risk of a fatal outcome with this diagnosis is 10 times greater than the mortality at birth and approximately 50 times higher than the death rate from induced abortion. High probability that in a few weeks pregnancy will tear up the pipe and the woman will urgently operate. After an ectopic pregnancy, the risk of a woman having repeated BMP or infertility is high

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