Venereal diseases

Infections that are sexually transmitted from one person to another are called venereal infections. Sexually transmitted infections are: oral, anal and vaginal sex. , гонорея , хламидиоз , генитальный герпес . To venereal diseases include - syphilis , gonorrhea , chlamydia , genital herpes . Also, in addition to other ways, during sexual intercourse the most terrible disease of the present can be transmitted - the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Each specific disease has its own symptomatology, but all the venereal diseases have similar symptoms - different discharge from the vagina and penis, blisters and ulcers in the genital area, men have pain when urinating. , достаточно часто развивается ангина . In the event that the infection occurred with oral contact , often enough angina develops. When infected as a result of anal sex, there is a high probability of developing proctitis - inflammation of the rectum

There are two forms of venereal diseases - chronic and acute. The acute form of these diseases manifests itself only in cases when the infection has occurred quite recently and manifests itself as symptoms.
In the early stages, these diseases do not have a pronounced symptomatology, therefore, a doctor often comes into contact when the venereal disease is already quite a neglected form. Quite often, patients fall ill with several venereal diseases (chlamydia + gonorrhea).

If you do not diagnose the acute form of sexually transmitted diseases in time, then in a hundred percent of cases they become chronic. The chronic form of sexually transmitted diseases is very insidious, since the signs indicating the disease itself become quite insignificant or disappear altogether. Unfortunately, many patients are misleading, since they begin to believe that the so-called self-healing occurred and the disease receded.
In fact, the venereal disease has passed into a chronic form and has firmly established itself in the human body. And starting from this moment on, this person becomes a kind of bomb with a clock mechanism - a carrier of infection. Not alone, even the most experienced specialist will not be able to predict exactly how and when the infection begins to manifest itself, what complications and diseases of which organs it provokes.

Based only on the symptoms, you can not make an accurate diagnosis, because venereal diseases are very rarely found singly, so it is necessary to take tests for at least ten of the most common diseases.

In conclusion, I want to add that sexually transmitted diseases can not be cured at home, so at the slightest suspicion of their presence, you need to immediately consult a doctor. The sexual partner should also undergo the necessary examinations and, if necessary, the prescribed course of treatment.