Urogenital shigellosis of homosexuals

урогенитальный шигеллез гомосексуалистов Urogenital shigellosis of homosexuals is a fairly rare sexually transmitted disease caused by shigella (there are about 50 species in nature). Shigella - microorganisms that live in the rectum and large intestine of a person, without causing him any special anxiety, however getting into the mouth or blood, lead to the development of such common diseases as dysentery and other toxic infections.

Urogenital shigellosis of homosexuals can develop only in those people whose sexual organs appear in the partner's rectum during homosexual intercourse (more often homosexuals, less often men who practice anal sex with a woman).

One to two weeks after infection, an active sexual partner (male) from the urethra appears meager purulent discharge. In some cases, the discharge may be absent, but instead there may be a feeling of discomfort and mild itching in the urethra. (характеризуется болезненными частыми мочеиспусканиями, тяжестью в промежности и пр.). In view of quite insignificant manifestations of urogenital shigeleza, the sick person turns to the doctor with a great delay, when the inflammation of the urethra is already complicated by prostatitis (characterized by painful frequent urination, heaviness in the perineum, etc.).

To diagnose the urogenital shigellosis of homosexuals, the following diagnostic methods are used: PCR method, smear microscopy from the urethra, immunofluorescence method, serological and bacteriological methods.

Treatment of urogenital shigellosis of homosexuals is carried out by nitrofurans and broad-spectrum antibiotics. In addition, local, physiotherapeutic and immunostimulating treatment is performed. Treatment of a sexual partner should be mandatory.

As a prophylaxis of this disease, with anal - genital contacts it is necessary to use condoms.