Pregnancy temperature

температура при беременности фото If you are pregnant and you have a fever, then most likely there are reasons. The cause can serve as a change in the hormonal background, as well as thermoregulation, due to the reaction to the pregnancy itself. This temperature increase is a sign of an interesting situation and is located within the limits of the subfebrile condition. The temperature during pregnancy can not go down for a very long time and if there are no other known reasons for its increase, do not worry, and do not take any measures.

It happens that in the body of a woman during pregnancy the inflammatory process began. At registration on the woman the woman hands over various analyzes which will help to reveal this problem.

In most cases, the increase in temperature during pregnancy is a symptom of ARI, and therefore need medical advice, because it is the specialist doctor that establishes an accurate diagnosis, and also prescribes treatment. It is during pregnancy that drugs act as extreme measure. If the temperature is low, then it is possible to fully apply home treatment.

Non-drug treatment is the most suitable option during pregnancy.

At a low temperature, use folk remedies. The most important condition for drinking abundantly, but very carefully, because excess fluid can provoke swelling. In the first trimester, there is no evidence to limit yourself to drinking. And in the second, and also the third trimester, the amount of liquid consumed must be controlled.

For drinking, you can use tea with lemon, chamomile broth, fruit drinks, limes, raspberries, milk with butter and honey. The main thing is that the drink should be warm, and not very hot.

When raising the temperature to 38 degrees, it is necessary to prepare herbal tea from raspberries, leaves of mother-and-stepmother, plantain. We take a tablespoon to four times a day.

We bring to your attention one more recipe: one incomplete spoon of the sliced ​​white bark is filled in with one glass of boiling water, we cool and we take four times a day on a tablespoon.

Coniferous cocktail also helps with diseases of the throat and high fever during pregnancy. We cook this way: we chop 100 grams of the youngest fennel shoots, 50 grams of raspberry roots, and pine buds. We put everything in a glass jar, pouring beforehand with sugar (100 grams). We add a tablespoon of boiling water, we insist no more than a day, and up to 8 hours we hold on a water bath. Leave to stand for 2 days, merge bright crimson juice. We continue to store in the darkest and coolest place, taking up to 5 times a day.

Basal temperature during pregnancy is well knocked down by wiping with cold water with the use of cool compresses on the forehead. In this case, it is not recommended to be wrapped.

What to do if the temperature is 37˚ during pregnancy?

This temperature should not frighten a woman, of course, if there are no other symptoms of the disease.

If throws in fever during pregnancy, then it speaks of a cold, for example, ARVI. The fight against such a virus must be very careful. The temperature should not be brought down to 37.8 degrees. This will create an opportunity for the body to fight the causative agent of the disease. And even when reaching a mark above 38˚, it is necessary to rush to the doctor.

Treatment of sore throat during pregnancy consists in wiping yourself with a sponge with warm water, but at a temperature of more than 38 degrees, immediately call a doctor. If you do not do this, you risk provoking a baby's congenital malformations. And remember that you can not take Aspirin yourself at high temperature to future mothers!

Elevated temperature at the earliest stages of pregnancy to 37.4 ° C is not critical. This is in principle normal for early pregnancy. A rise in basal temperature during the period of maturation of the egg even serves as a basis for determining early signs of pregnancy.

The temperature during pregnancy will need to be monitored very often. Because it affects a lot. Decrease in medicinal methods is undesirable, because with certain values, the temperature can become a strong threat to the future child.

If the temperature has not increased much, then the above mentioned funds will be enough. Low temperature does not pose a threat to the life and development of the baby. Therefore, it is quite possible to manage traditional methods of treatment. Does not affect the baby and a very short rise in temperature by 1.5 degrees. But often there are situations when you can not waste time wiping and you need to act actively

Under what circumstances is it necessary to bring down the temperature during pregnancy?

When it is not possible to lower people's methods in a long period of time; when all attempts to lower the temperature without medication still skyrocket; when the fever was provoked by angina; When the temperature during pregnancy reached 38 ° C; When pregnancy reached the third trimester, it is necessary to bring down the temperature when it reaches 37.5 ° C.

Is high temperature dangerous during pregnancy? Yes, there can be an intoxication of an organism of mother and the child by harmful substances that will lead to serious infringement in work of cardiovascular system; will affect the change in protein synthesis; may contribute to premature birth ; cause various disorders in the development of organs, as well as fetal systems.

Very dangerous in pregnancy is the temperature above 37,8 ° C. After this critical temperature, the temperature can affect the nervous system of the child and will greatly affect the mental activity

How to correctly knock down the temperature during pregnancy?

The fact is that the temperature during pregnancy can not be knocked down. Take Aspirin in this position is contraindicated, especially this applies to the first and third trimester. At the earliest stages Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) is dangerous by abortion, and already in later terms - bleeding, as well as prolonged childbirth. A side effect on this Aspirin does not end, it can cause malformations of the fetus. If nevertheless there was an acute need, then accept something from a number of paracetamol: Tylenol, Panadol, Efferalgan, Paracet. Of a number of indomethacin also allowed: Vramed, Metindol, Indomethacin-Darnitsa. Take advised with a half dose and then very much in the required case.

There are medical data that the constant use of paracetamol affects the functioning of the liver and kidneys. Therefore, take the drug only once or get permission for additional techniques from the doctor.

So, if the temperature during pregnancy reached 38˚, then you take a half of Paracetamol and wait for the doctor to come home

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