танатофобия фото Thanatophobia is an obsessive, uncontrollable fear of sudden death, which is a very common phobia. Most people are afraid of death, but the paradox of thanatophobia is that people are afraid of a stranger. The emergence of ordinary fear is associated with situations of threat to the individual and he is directed at a real or imagined danger. With thanatophobia everything is different: it arises in spite of threats to the person and all of its essence (semantic) revolves around death.

Fear of death - reasons

Thanatophobia occurs for reasons beyond our control. Before we were born, we do not know anything, we do not remember, we simply do not exist, we were in non-existence. Therefore, if we move to the end of life, it turns out that fear is associated with ignorance, what will happen to us further and the realization that we will not be in any capacity.

While we are alive - there is no death, but with her coming our life ends. No one can say what death is and whether it is evil for a person, but they are afraid of it.

How to get rid of the fear of death? On this subject, you can philosophize, because many are afraid of death and try to move away from it so that it does not catch them. However, death will still come to everyone, so you can not distance yourself and move away from the sick person, as well as the dying person, betraying him in the difficult moment of life.

How does the fear of sudden death appear? Often, the trigger button of thanatophobia is the loss of a loved one. However, it is enough to penetrate the frightening image into the consciousness, which is associated with the end of life. Not the least role in this is played by the media, which launches into our psyche the ideas of death. A person begins to think about death, what it is and how it will die. To all these questions, consciousness searches for answers and painful spiritual searches begin. Only a developed personality seeks answers to existential eternal questions. Most of them are associated with existential anxiety, consisting in the threat of non-existence. Thus, thanatophobia is a natural process of understanding the idea of ​​the finiteness of one's own existence.

How to get rid of thanatophobia? First of all, one should try to understand this fear, because it contains the fear of the unknown, and people have a desire to understand the unknown, but this is only possible after death.

Thanatophobia is subject to inquisitive and very educated people, which is caused by a desire to control everything in their lives, but death can not be controlled.

Often, thanatophobes, because of fear of sudden death, perform debilitating medical examinations to make sure of their health at the slightest suspicion of the disease.

Fear of death is a problem for a person and in the future may develop obsessive-compulsive disorder , hypochondria, delusional thoughts. People with an open fear of sudden death are actually afraid of the circumstances that accompany the very act of death. Thanatophobes are afraid to be helpless, feel pain, and also get a serious illness and lose their dignity.

Many thanatophobes do not care much about their own lives, but they experience and experience the fear of dying for loved ones. Often this applies to young parents and single parents. Their concern is related to the fear of material support for their family. Fear of death in children very often worries parents. This destructive feeling from the inside, the parent oppresses and greatly strains. As for children, they often lack the knowledge to understand death, which confuses them completely.

Tanatophy - symptoms

Tanatophia is diagnosed if the following symptoms are observed within six months. Thanatobobs are characterized by obsessive behavior, anxious sleep, insomnia, loss of appetite, low sexual activity, anxiety, anxiety, mental excitability, negative emotions, inadequate behavior, increased impressionability.

In people suffering from thanatophobia, other accompanying phobias are often diagnosed: the fear of funeral homes, gravestones, phantoms, other symbols of death.

Thanatophy - treatment

To diagnose and treat thanatophobia, you need to contact a mental health professional.

Fear of sudden death is successfully treated with hypnosis. Four sessions are sufficient and improvements occur, and after 8 sessions, a phobia usually leaves a person forever.

In some cases, the overcoming of the fear of death is carried out with the help of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy.

The obsessive fear of death of many people is connected with religious beliefs and has a personal character. In this case, it is necessary and useful to seek help from a spiritual leader, but psychotherapeutic treatment should not be ruled out.

Overcoming the fear of death

At the moment of realizing the existence in the world of death, which takes away the most beloved of this life, a person has a boiling sense of injustice, as well as a sense of the destroyed world. At the same time, a constructive worldview is built that death is inevitable, and everything that comes is gone. But there is also a destructive or neurotic perception of death, as a tragedy, which should be avoided. Death itself is hostile to life and is a catastrophic violation of the truth, as well as the harmony of the world. Suppose that our body is immortal and lives constantly. But this is absurd. Over time, life will seem much worse than death itself, because a person lives in the same pore, and his form is cast and endlessly experiencing everything anew. So death is a necessary and necessary process.

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