Stretch marks during pregnancy

растяжки при беременности фото Stretching during pregnancy to avoid the future mommy is very difficult. What are they? This scarlet-red scars appear when stretching the skin. The main place of their concentration in the area above the abdomen, where very elastic skin. The time of their appearance is the third trimester of pregnancy, and also later, when the fetus is gaining weight with each week and stretches the stomach.

Delivering trouble and stretching the breast to the future mother during pregnancy. Later, during the period of breastfeeding, stretch marks appear above the swollen breast. In addition to these stretch marks during pregnancy occur on the outer as well as the inner sides of the buttocks and thighs.

In a percentage of somewhere 70 and up to 90% of women waiting for babies stretch marks during pregnancy appear just above the abdomen. 90% of the stretch marks during pregnancy occur in any part of the body due to excess weight gained during pregnancy. In women with fair skin, stretch marks during pregnancy have a pinkish tinge, while those with dark skin have lighter colors compared to the rest of the skin. But for some reason, women are worried about the appearance only after the birth of the baby. And to avoid such troubles, you should not touch the weight and follow how the skin stretches. There is a direct relationship between weight gain and stretch marks during pregnancy. The more weight a woman types up, the more likely the appearance of scars. Individual women add weight very sharply and this themselves provoke stretch marks during pregnancy. The picture is unsightly - the skin begins to break. Initially, it is observed in the form of pink scars, then they become silvery white.

Avoiding unwanted red manifestations of women waiting for twins, triplets or just large babies is very difficult, just unrealistic. The abdomen is stretched to a large size to accommodate a large fruit.

The probability of occurrence is great if earlier they were at you, for example, at the first pregnancy when you have typed more put weight. Pregnant women with the appearance of stretch marks should immediately worry about themselves and tell their gynecologist. There is a risk in the future of a vaginal rupture. The reason is an insufficient amount of protein in the skin matrix.

By itself, the skin of the pregnant woman over the abdomen is elastic, and already under it are concentrated fat deposits. With a sharp loss of weight in the parturient, the skin abruptly saggers and scars appear on it. And it is at this time that most women are very worried about their appearance. Do not worry. With the right diet and simple exercise, these scars go away and the body takes its original form. The tissues are slowly restored and in a year, when the childbirth is behind, stretch marks become lighter or completely disappear

Prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy

To prevent unwanted stretch marks, consult a dermatologist or surgeon who will advise you on the most effective methods of treatment.

Remember that there are medicines that contain steroids, hormones that provoke stretch marks during pregnancy, and if you took them, then be sure to tell the doctor about it. The specialist doctor will analyze the situation and select the appropriate treatment. There are two methods of treatment: the surgical method and the natural (cream, lotion).

Dermabrasion or, in another way, skin resurfacing refers to the surgical method of removing the epidermis and scraping the dermis layer. The next generation of renewed collagen, as well as re-epithelization, has an excellent effect on aging skin from stretch marks during pregnancy. Before and all postoperative tactics are very well worked out, as well as predictable, and all complications occur very rarely.

If you apply micro-dermabrasion, which is a refreshing of the skin with crystals, it will be a faster procedure for healing the thin epidermis, and stretch marks during pregnancy become less noticeable.

There are ways to treat laser surgery. This procedure is very effective in the early stages. Dermatologists use a pulsed laser with dyes, this makes the stretch marks slightly visible.

But modern laser technology can also save old light stretch marks during pregnancy. For this, several courses of treatment should be completed. There is one but - a minor pain. The effectiveness of this treatment depends directly on the passport age, diet, skin color.

You can also use lotions and creams when there are stretch marks during pregnancy. There is a great multitude of over-the-counter effective products from stretch marks.

Effective are such creams, gels, lotions from stretch marks during pregnancy: Green Mama, BELLA Mama, Mustela. These products received good reviews on the forums from moms. Similarly, they are good prevention.

Initially, while stretch marks during pregnancy are weak in their color, it is already necessary to apply a small layer of moisturizing cream or gel to the skin. Do not postpone it for later. And soft gentle movements massage the injury site every day. Effective when the first redness of olive oil. Vaseline can be used; cream enriched with vitamin E; Coconut oil.

But for a better guarantee before starting treatment, consult your doctor. It is possible that some cream does not suit you personally.

All these treatments will help to remove stretch marks during pregnancy and it directly depends on the features of the structure of your skin, as well as its damage. If previously you were sensitive to chemistry, then you are more effective in applying natural remedies

Prophylaxis of stretch marks during pregnancy

Effectively prevent and forget about them forever can be, adhering to such recommendations: wear a supporting breast bra; Do not use cream containing retinol (vitamin A) - their reliability is questionable; watch for proper nutrition and avoid fatty foods; include in the diet food protein (eggs), rich in zinc (nuts, fish), enriched with vitamins A, D, C (carrots, milk, citrus); do exercise and drink enough water; limit the use of caffeine, tea; moisturizers for the body only temporarily help to keep the skin moist, and therefore these creams are not effective; Acquire a cream in which there are biological pathogens (glycosaminoglycans) that update the skin.

Enjoy your pregnancy, at the same time think only of the best, concentrate your thoughts so that the weight is collected gradually (resort to meditation.) Remember that this passing period is the most beautiful in your life

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