графомания фото Graphomania is a mental illness that is expressed in a person in addiction to writing, with a complete lack of literary abilities. Увлечение графомана пустое, многословное, Read the rest of this entry »


обсессия фото Obsession is obsessive, involuntary thoughts, ideas or ideas that arise through indefinite periods of time. The person is fixed on these thoughts, causing him distress (prolonged, emotional, negative stress), but they can not get rid of them. Read the rest of this entry »


эритрофобия фото Erythrophobia (blushing syndrome) is expressed in fear of blushing, as well as fear of red. Science has long possessed facts that confirm the special effect and influence of red color on the human body. The ability of a person to blush for a long time has caused tenderness, as well as a smile among others. However, in the owners of such a person, erythrophobia causes confusion, as well as fear in the Read the full entry »


ониомания фото Onyomania (shopaholism), in Greek, means "insane purchases," namely, obsessive and irresistible attraction to make purchases, while not comparing the need for consequences. At some point, purchases are both fun and relaxing, Read the full post »


танатофобия фото Thanatophobia is an obsessive, uncontrollable fear of sudden death, which is a very common phobia. Most people are afraid of death, but the paradox of thanatophobia is that people are afraid of a stranger. The emergence of ordinary fear is associated with situations of threat to the individual and he is directed at a real or imagined danger. Read the rest of this entry »


никтофобия фото Nobophobia in adults and children is an obsessive irrational fear of fear of darkness, which increases with time. The peculiarity of no-phobia is that a person is frightened not so much by the darkness as by the surprises that it contains in itself. Read the rest of this entry »


аритмофобия фото Arrhythmophobia is fear of numbers, manifested in fear of such combinations as 666 or 13. Arrhythmophobia is based on a powerful and indispensable instinct for self-preservation and acts as a protective mechanism. Fear and fear of numbers 13, 666 induces a person to fear and protect. Read the rest of this entry »


херофобия фото Herophobia is an irrational, uncontrolled fear or anxious experience at the time of the upcoming, as well as existing fun or entertainment. The causes of hierophobia are complex and not fully understood. Suppose that the fear of fun develops in people, Read the full post »