Prevention and treatment of bronchitis

In the human respiratory system, bronchi occupy perhaps one of the most important places. Every day they pass through themselves about fifteen thousand liters of air. Like all respiratory tracts, the bronchi from the inside have a mucous membrane, the function of which is to moisten the air and prevent the penetration of small foreign particles into the lungs, which, although in a small amount, still fall here with the air.
It is the mucous membrane of the bronchi that is the place where the defenses of the body fight with inflammation caused by the microbes caught in them with air, or came from the foci of inflammation: teeth, nasopharynx, paranasal sinuses. Quite often, inflammation in the bronchi develops as a result of an allergic reaction from the smell of nicotine, flowers, ammonia, chlorine or sulfur derivatives.
Like most other diseases, bronchitis can occur both in acute form and chronic


у больного наблюдается общее недомогание, появляется низкий грудной кашель, резко повышается температура (нередко до 39*). In acute bronchitis , the patient has general malaise, a low chest cough, a sharp increase in temperature (often up to 39 *). At the first stage of the disease, cough is often dry and staccato, but gradually it becomes wet. The course of acute bronchitis, not burdened by any complications, usually takes two to three weeks and ends as a rule with complete recovery.
является наблюдающийся в течении нескольких месяцев подряд на протяжении порядка двух лет хронический кашель. The main symptom of chronic bronchitis is a chronic cough that has been observed for several consecutive months for about two years. The cough itself is wet, with the discharge of purulent sputum, the strongest in the morning. Chronic bronchitis affects mostly adult people and it appears as a result of prolonged exposure to bronchi of all kinds of irritating factors (tobacco smoke, dust, etc.), or after numerous episodes of acute bronchitis.
With prolonged course and without proper treatment, chronic bronchitis develops into Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease


больному приписывается усиленное питание, постельный или полупостельный режим, теплое обильное питье (настой липового цвета, настой малины, чай с медом или с малиновым вареньем), щелочные минеральные воды (обязательно подогретые). In acute bronchitis, the patient is attributed increased diet, bed or half-bed regime, a warm plentiful drink (lime-colored infusion, raspberry infusion, tea with honey or with raspberry jam), alkaline mineral water (necessarily heated). During the course of acute bronchitis, smoking should be completely abandoned. The room where the patient is located should be constantly ventilated, but in a place with that it must be necessarily warm.
Most people with the first symptoms of bronchitis begin to take antibiotics. In fact, if the disease is not accompanied by inflammatory changes in the blood and purulent sputum is absent - it is better to abstain from their use, since these drugs have strong side effects: they lower immunity and suppress normal intestinal flora. To begin with, you should try to pass the time-tested medication: paracetamol, aspirin, expectorants (herb grass, plantain leaves, rosemary shoots, mother-and-stepmother leaves, elephant roots, anise fruits).
The most effective drugs for attacks of dry cough:
* Terpin hydrate * - take 1-2 tablets 3 times a day.
* Mukaltin * - take 1-2 tablets (always before meals) 3-4 times a day. The usual course of treatment is about seven to ten days.
* Bromhexine * - take 2 tablets 3 times a day. The course of treatment is two to three weeks. When there is (sometimes occurs) allergic reactions in the form of skin rash and itching - taking the drug should be stopped.
* Pertussin * - take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.
In cases where these drugs do not bring relief - funds are prescribed that suppress the cough reflex (codeine, tusuprex, codeopterine, libexin).
In the treatment of acute allergic bronchitis, antihistamines (tavegil, diazolin, suprastin, etc.) are used.

должно быть комплексным, подобранным индивидуально для каждого конкретного пациента и что самое главное – непрерывным. Treatment of chronic bronchitis should be comprehensive, selected individually for each individual patient and most importantly - continuous. First of all, the treatment of bronchitis should be aimed at eliminating the factors provoking the disease, improving the bronchial patency, restoring the optimal immune background and eliminating the inflammation that has arisen in the bronchi. Unfortunately, antibiotics are an indispensable tool in the treatment of chronic bronchitis. They are prescribed by strictly defined courses and only after the results of analyzes about the sensitivity of microflora taken from sputum to them. Parallel with antibiotics, patients are also prescribed bronchodilators, expectorants and mucolytic agents


First of all, in order to avoid acute bronchitis, it is necessary to protect the throat from the cold, if possible, but it is unnecessary to dress warmly, since in case of overheating when walking, the body begins to sweat, which can lead to catarrhal diseases. Also, an equally important component of the prevention of bronchitis is hardening of the feet and nasopharynx, which are carried out by special methods.