Primary children's anorexia

детская анорексия Pediatric anorexia is a real burning issue for parents who are concerned about the health of their baby. Currently, the problem of pediatric primary anorexia is given sufficient attention in pediatrics. Young mothers are given advice in children's medical institutions, helping to avoid the development of anorexia in children. It would seem, because recently the child's appetite was excellent and how could it happen that the baby refuses to eat. And the whole blame for the sudden burst of disease, summer heat or gastrointestinal disorders, and of course the lack of competence of parents in organizing the feeding of their child. Parents are shocked by the fact that their child is no longer happy with their favorite dishes, but diligently continue to impose their already hated dishes. And try to understand the reasons for what is happening parents do not want

Pediatric Anorexia Causes

- not observance of a mode of a delivery of the baby (development of the basic instinct - hunger occurs after a certain time interval)

- the introduction into the children's diet of prohibited sweets and indiscriminate use (chocolate, sweets, sweet fizzy drinks)

- Lack of variety in nutrition and the same type of menu

- large portions for feeding

- the transferred disease by the child of a different etiology

- a sharp change in climatic conditions

Pediatric Anorexia Treatment

Having found out the reason, we begin treatment of an anorexia by means of medical consultation and accurate observance of a mode of feeding. The measures for getting out of the state of anorexia are carried out in several stages:

- Feeding children by age, but with reduced portions three times, with the introduction of stimulant appetite products for children after one year (freshly salted vegetables, garlic, fresh salted herring) and the exclusion of fat, carbohydrates (sweets, sweets) from the diet,

- after the return of appetite, we increase the volume of portions of children's food, we leave the proteins at the rate, and the fats we use half of the norm by age

- return to normal initial nutrition, with restriction of fats

Carrying out measures to get out of the state of infant primary anorexia, it is necessary to take into account the complex work of the digestive organs of the child's organism. In the morning it is recommended to give children fatty and protein foods, and in the second carbohydrate, as well as dairy products. Over time, the child goes on a habitual diet. It would be desirable to note the erroneous opinion of parents about the hyperactive games and their sudden interruption to the meal. Plan such entertainment after basic meals. In the period of emotional fatigue or physical fatigue, it is also recommended to postpone the meal after the rest of the baby. Such a moment in the period of feeding is important, as is the concentration on food. Distraction is strictly not allowed. For this, the child is offered exactly that dish, which he must eat. The new dish is introduced into the diet in small portions. Great importance is attached to its design and filing in beautiful dishes to attract attention. We use plates when serving large dishes. This is for cheating the eyes of the baby. The child will think that the food is little compared to the size of the dish. If the baby refuses to eat, we are quietly waiting for the next feeding period. There is no need to get the sick child to eat completely. In our case, a hunger pause will do good. If the child is sick and vomited - do not scold him, and get distracted by the games until the next feeding. If necessary, give the child water to drink food. And if possible, offer the baby several dishes to choose from, but do not take the meal to the restaurant. Limit the time of the baby's stay at the table to half an hour. Always show tolerance and your perseverance will give results.

From medicines, use ascorbic acid and tincture of wormwood. Treatment of primary anorexia in adolescence carries an explanatory character about the dangers of this disease, citing examples from life, talking about the consequences of anorexia. With the categorical refusal of the child to eat, it is necessary to consult a psychoneurologist. With a sharp drop in weight, forced hospitalization of a sick child is the only way out.

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