Gastritis in children

Gastritis in children is an inflammatory disease of the stomach in children, affecting its mucous membrane. With gastritis in children, first there are violations of secretion and acid-forming function. Then the atrophy of the mains is formed Read the rest of this entry »

Sepsis of newborns

Sepsis of newborns is a serious infectious process of children of the first four weeks of life, which is caused by the introduction into the body of conditionally pathogenic microbes and the development of severe acyclic infection of the whole Read the full post »

Asphyxia of newborns

асфиксия новорожденных фото Asphyxia of newborns is the inability of a child with signs of live birth to breathe immediately after birth. Gas exchange in the lungs does not occur. In simple terms, asphyxia of newborns is suffocation. Most of these newborns are accompanied by this condition. Read the rest of this entry »


спазмофилия фото Spasmophilia is a rachitogenic condition, which is determined by pronounced hypocalcemia and its result - increased convulsive readiness. It flows latently and only in children predisposed to this state, for example, Read the full entry »


фото рахита Rickets is a clinical syndrome, which is based on the violation of the deposition in the matrix of bone tissue of the growing body of minerals. According to modern data, rickets unites a number of diseases that have similar anatomical and clinical changes. Read the rest of this entry »

Nervous-arthritic diathesis

нервно-артритический диатез фото Nervous-arthritic diathesis is an altered reactivity of the nervous system caused by the inheritance of the morphofunctional features of the organism that determine the breakdown of the breakdown and synthesis of purine nucleotides. To date, the neuro-arthritis diathesis Read the rest of this entry »


паротит фото Parotitis is a common infectious disease that develops from the penetration of a virus from the family of Paramyxovirus into the human body. The virus is prone to defeat the glandular tissue, so the first target is the parotid gland. With additional amount of virus reading Read the full entry »


пилороспазм фото Pylorospasm is a pathological condition that manifests itself in childhood. Characterized pylorospasm vegetative dystonia in sympathetic type due to not fully matured nervous system, it is often cured independently. Read the full entry »