Obesity of the liver

ожирение печени фото Obesity of the liver or fatty hepatosis - a disease that occurs in humans due to constant overeating, eating fatty foods and alcohol, as well as metabolic disorders. The failure of the liver leads to numerous complications. Throughout life, the human body is continuously updated, but if the patient has a metabolic disorder, this leads to fatty hepatosis. To avoid this disease you need to lead a healthy lifestyle

Cerebral obesity

The reasons have not yet been clarified. The risk group includes people of middle-aged and overweight, as well as obese people. Often, it is a diabetic patient suffering from high cholesterol and insulin resistance.

The reasons can be either excess weight or a lack of protein in the body; exhausting long-term fasting and low-calorie diets , which limit the intake of food; full vegetarianism and estrogen hormones; abuse of tetracycline antibiotics and viral infections; malfunctions in the endocrine system and chronic diseases of the stomach, as well as poor digestive system.

Alcohol abuse also leads to this disease. The disease often develops even in short periods of drunkenness. Great value and genetic predisposition in the origin of obesity. Heredity affects the number of liver enzymes that participate in the breakdown of alcohol.

Additional risk factors include: hepatitis C disease and excess iron, oxidative stresses that lead to cell damage and death; abuse of medicines and hereditary liver diseases.

Symptoms of the disease can overtake people who do not drink alcohol at all. Fatty disease leads to the defeat of the whole body. A person is threatened by hardening of the liver and at the same time scarring of healthy cells. Further cirrhosis, hepatic insufficiency and liver cancer

Obesity of the liver symptoms

At the beginning of the disease the symptoms are not noticeable, and after a few years the human body is subject to the following symptoms: decreased appetite and weight loss; increased fatigue and nausea; weaknesses, difficulties associated with concentration of attention; increased liver size and pain in the right side of the abdomen; darkening of the skin in the armpits and neck.

The doctor diagnoses obesity visually on a routine examination, and about the problems with the liver will accurately tell the blood test, as well as ultrasound (ultrasound) and biopsy

Obesity liver treatment

The liver is located on the right side of the abdomen under the ribs. The longitudinal beard divides it into two parts: a large right and a small left. When the disease occurs, the organ's malfunction starts, and then various complications. The main function of the liver is to cleanse the body of toxins. If this process is violated, there is an intoxication of the whole organism

How correctly to treat obesity of a liver ?

Treatment begins with the adjustment of the system in the diet. The diet in the diet becomes balanced, gentle. The doctor develops a diet. The diet for obesity of the liver includes light fruit, vegetable, dairy, cereal soups. Be sure to include boiled meat, sea fish, one egg a day, sour-milk products. It is forbidden to abuse baking, flour dishes. Useful cottage cheese, honey, mineral water.

The main problem with the disease is the oxidation of excess fat, which entails the destruction of the cell. The next problem is hepatitis. Therefore, inflammation should be treated with skill. Hepatitis can lead to the development of liver failure, and then there is cirrhosis. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the condition of this organ and not bring it to obesity.

Excess fat on the human body can be seen immediately with the naked eye, but with the liver everything is different. Without the help of a doctor can not be determined. The cause for concern should be 15% fat from the entire body weight. Treatment with folk remedies includes the use of herbal infusions, vegetable and fruit broths, medicinal plants

Obesity liver prevention

The only effective way to avoid obesity is to give up alcohol forever. Take care of yourself, healthy eating, physical exercise. Limit yourself in carbohydrates (sugar, rice, white bread). If you find symptoms of the disease, contact a specialist, do not run yourself! Launched forms can be treated only surgically.