Proctologist in St. Petersburg

Enroll in a proctologist in St. Petersburg without leaving home, in our time will not be difficult. You just need to select a specialist from the list, fill out a fairly simple application form and expect a call from the consultation center in the near future. During the preliminary telephone conversation, the administrator will specify all the smallest details of the record: the exact time and date of admission to the proctologist in St. Petersburg, the closest to your location, the clinic's office, the sex of the doctor (if you, for example, need to come to an appointment that the proctologist is conducting a woman) . Read the rest of this entry »

Normal pulse

нормальный пульс у человека фото The normal pulse in a person is the oscillation of the vascular walls, occurring with a certain rhythmicity and corresponding to the rate of contractile activity of the myocardium, so the normal frequency of such oscillations is a reflection. Read the rest of this entry »

Increased heart rate

повышенный пульс фото An increased pulse is a constant or short-term increase in the absolute number of heartbeats. There is an increased pulse as a compensatory pathogenetic reaction of the body to the action of physiological factors or as a sign of pathological changes. Read the rest of this entry »

Low heart rate

низкий пульс фото A low pulse is a common condition that can manifest in almost any person as a consequence of pathological changes or against a background of complete well-being in the form of a kind of "physiological response" to changes. Read the rest of this entry »

Rapid pulse

учащенный пульс фото A quickened pulse is a subjective perception of increased contractility and rhythm of the heart, which can be provoked by both physiological and pathologically altered states of the patient. Signs of a rapid pulse occur when reading the entire entry »


летаргический сон фото The Latin saying says that the clearest definite in life is death, and the hour of life refers to uncertainty. But in life there are situations when there is no real possibility to define a clear line between life and death. The speech in this article will focus on lethargic sleep, as one of the most incomprehensible states of the body, which can not be explained by scientists from all over the world. What is a lethargic dream? Read the rest of this entry »

The disease of Margelon

болезнь маргелона фото Margelon's disease was not recently accepted and was studied by official science, and patients who complained about the incessant crawling under their skin of unknown creatures, doctors did not hesitate to send to a madhouse, as they were sure that patients had a serious mental disorder. Read the rest of this entry »


атрофия фото Atrophy is a decrease in the weight and volume of a normally functioning fully formed tissue or organ, resulting from a reduction in size in cells with a corresponding fading or a decrease in their adequate functioning. Read the rest of this entry »