Lower abdomen during pregnancy

живот при беременности болит фото Pregnancy is a wonderful time for women and waiting for the baby is exciting. Of course, any mom will experience when there are incomprehensible sensations in the lower abdomen during pregnancy. It hurts or pulls the bottom of the abdomen slightly during pregnancy, absolutely for all women. This is not the most pleasant feeling that women visit quite often in the early stages. Feeling when it hurts the lower abdomen during pregnancy is quite frightening to expectant mothers. It's no secret that when pulling the bottom of the stomach, this may be a prerequisite for miscarriage in the early stages. Therefore, with such fears, inform your gynecologist and do not delay with it. Of course, the doctor who leads you will not rush to conclusions, but you will be persistent in describing your pain in the lower abdomen. And though, you will be comforted and urge not to panic, listen to your sensations in the lower abdomen during pregnancy. Remember that the lower abdomen is normal during pregnancy and should not be written on forums, sites, always listen to your body, and if you have pain, lie down, relax, try to relax, make a shot No-shpy (or take a pill No- spikes), use candles with papaverine. By taking these simple tips to the guidance, you remove the hypertension of the uterus. Do not believe me? Check. You do not risk anything, except that the new born life is inside you. If pregnant women knew these simple things, how many could prevent spontaneous abortions. And maybe you are afraid for unauthorized acceptance of the Nos-py without consulting a doctor? It's not worth it. Nosh-pa, once accepted no harm to the baby will not bring. The same applies to candles with papaverine, which immediately relieve hypertension of the uterus, giving a sense of relaxation and while the lower abdomen during pregnancy instantly calms down.

But now, when you have removed the pain symptoms in the lower abdomen, we will try to understand all the reasons when the abdomen hurts during pregnancy. Why there are pulling or stitching pains in the lower abdomen?

Colitis or pain in the abdomen during pregnancy with a contraction of the musculature of the uterus, and putting a hand on the stomach can feel how it stony. A hard abdomen, as well as the tone of the uterus is dangerous for the baby. But often, there is no threat, and this stretching pain is a sign of pregnancy and is associated with a tidal flow of blood to the uterus. It reminds you of the sensations of the month. But if the pain does not stop and the brown vagina emerges from the vagina, as well as the pink discharge, it is likely that the crumb is actually in danger. In such a situation, a doctor can not do without. Possible and pathology of pregnancy, urgent examination is necessary. In the early stages of pregnancy, the stomach is presumably pulled and hurted due to the attachment of the embryo to the fallopian tube. . And this means that you have an ectopic pregnancy . Ectopic pregnancy is characterized by recurring and intensifying pain. If there is a rupture of the fallopian tube, then it is fraught with massive bleeding, which in turn is dangerous for the mother. Prolonged pain during pregnancy in the early stages do not suffer and do not hesitate to contact your doctor. You will be prescribed ultrasound and you will relax when this diagnosis is removed.

But it happens that the pain arises and for physiological reasons, not associated with the fetus, but also with the uterus. Often with early toxicosis, bowel function worsens, vomiting, flatulence, nausea. This is normal. To all this, spasms of the intestine are added. All this symptomatology to the kid is not terrible, if certainly it brightly does not accrue. тянет низ живота

If the abdominal pain hurts during pregnancy at a later date, then do not worry. Every future mother is faced with this.

, то они пока еще достаточно упругие и достаточно длительно будут поддерживать животик, а вам будет казаться, что тянет мышцы живота. The growth of the uterus, as well as the increase in the weight of the crumbs, stretches the muscles of the abdominal wall strongly, and if this is the first pregnancy , they are still sufficiently elastic and will support the tummy long enough, and you will feel that it pulls the abdominal muscles. And already in subsequent pregnancies, muscle tone is weakened and the stomach begins to sag. To avoid such trouble, an antenatal bandage should be worn. Only it will prevent stretching of muscles on the tummy, and also relieve you of unpleasant sensations.

An abdomen can also hurt during pregnancy, when a premature detachment of the placenta is threatened. This is possible in the third trimester of pregnancy. Symptoms are: pain, spotting.

It happens that slightly pulls the stomach because of the scar on the uterus. The cause is the previous operation - Caesarean section, as well as another performed operation - removal of appendicitis.

доставляют боли в низу живота практически всем будущим мамочкам. The last weeks of pregnancy bring pain to the bottom of the abdomen to almost all future mothers. The baby itself is already large and so it is difficult to sit for a long time, get out of bed, walk a lot. Pregnancy comes to its logical end, so in recent weeks, mom is facing precursors of childbirth.

, то это говорит о том, что уже скоро роды. If you pull the bottom of the abdomen during pregnancy from 37 weeks , then it says that soon birth. Take care of yourself and your easy birth!

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