никтофобия фото Nobophobia in adults and children is an obsessive irrational fear of fear of darkness, which increases with time. The peculiarity of no-phobia is that a person is frightened not so much by the darkness as by the surprises that it contains in itself. Up to 10% of people on the planet are afraid of darkness.

Nobofobia - Causes

Fear of darkness in adults can be due to numerous factors. Here the genetic link plays an important role. Since ancient times, darkness was dangerous for a person: predators, robbers and so on could attack. In the dark, the organs of vision lose sensitivity and the person sees weakly.

Neutrophobia is also helped by past impressions, which are safely stored in memory from childhood. The grown up children basically part with their fears and the no-phobia in the future carries only a dull gleam of fear. Some children with a strong character consciously struggling with fears, starting with the school bench. After a certain period of time, their fears leave, but not everyone can overcome it on their own. Many, already adults, continue to fear the dark premises and streets, while carefully concealing it from others and explaining everything with poor eyesight, poor orientation and, as a result, got cones and bruises. Their explanation sounds very convincing, however, finding themselves suddenly in a dark room, no-one will fall into a panic and this will betray themselves.

The next reason for fearing the darkness is the fear of death - thanatophobia. This fear has both a hidden and visible level of manifestation. In the presence of tanatofii in fear of the dark, specialists begin to work to eliminate this particular phobia.

Being in the dark, no-one fears the very emptiness, so it is advised to leave the TV and radio on, but it is not recommended to watch thrillers, as well as horrors. Watch follows something relaxing and enjoyable. Pets also help fight bad thoughts.

Nobofobia - Symptoms

Childish fear lies deep in the subconscious and only grows with the years. Nobophobia arises spontaneously, but there are no real prerequisites for this. In the darkness, a person who does not see real objects, includes imagination, which is an intimidating picture. Further, suffering from no-phobia, sees something that in reality does not exist, but acts as his fantasy.

Symptoms of phobia are fear, severe anxiety, sweating, dizziness , trembling, loss of control over the situation. This condition brings nyufobu discomfort and suffering.

Fear of darkness in children

Since two years, the baby can begin to develop no-one's phobia. It manifests itself in the fear of remaining alone in the crib at night, in a request to turn on the light or the desire to move to the parent's bed. This is normal, as the stage of growing up. Perhaps a child is sad and wants to communicate. This is not yet a real fear of darkness. But if from the age of three the child begins to be afraid to go alone to a dark room, then parents should sound the alarm. With adequate response of adults, in five-year-olds, the fear disappears by itself, but it can remind oneself of a sudden waking at night. In such cases, calm the child, hug, limit the stay in front of the TV, read good tale and maintain a positive emotional mood. The best means of no-one's phobia in children will be a favorite soft toy, an example of older children, a night light included, warm milk for the night, pleasant soothing music.

Nobofobia - treatment

How to get rid of fear of the dark? Many nihilobos at heart desirous of curing the obsessive fear of fear of darkness. Psychotherapists recommend to think about your dream before going to bed, presenting its realization. These fantasies will give the person confidence.

You can help yourself: imagine the situation that provoked your fear. Take a comfortable position, previously relaxed and immersed in your memories. This will be your first step towards getting rid of no-one's phobia. Then, re-experiencing your phobia, transcode it into a positive one. This should be done many times, to fix new positive images that will be recorded in the subconscious and gain strength.

If there seems to be anything otherworldly: ghosts or ghosts, then it is recommended to go to meet your fears. An attentive night inspection of the room and probing each object will give confidence and eliminate fear. Answer yourself: what exactly are you afraid of? Describe in detail your fear so that you can understand it. Compare real threats with imaginary ones. You do not have to be threatened by the light, then why will the threat come in the dark? Write down your fears and read them. Draw your fear and think: what am I afraid of in the dark? Then imagine the most terrible and terrible, having analyzed how much this is real. Making sure that there is no threat, go to bed, thinking about the pleasant, because your fear you caused unpleasant thoughts.

If self-overcoming the fear of the dark has not been successful, it is recommended that you visit a therapist. In the treatment of this phobia, psychotherapeutic methods, hypnotherapy, effective relaxation techniques and various trainings proved to be excellent. At the peak of an exacerbation, calming drugs that relieve nervous tension are also prescribed.

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