Intracranial hypertension

внутричерепная гипертензия фото Intracranial hypertension is a pathological change in the brain caused by an increase in the pressure gradient with which the cerebrospinal fluid moves along the conducting pathways. Intracranial hypertension is widespread and has a very negative effect on all brain structures. Usually, this pathology is a secondary syndrome that occurs against the background of the influence of any factor, for example, Read the full entry »


аграмматизм фото Agrammatism is a violation of speech, which manifests itself in complexities in the construction and perception of sentences. People suffering from this speech disorder are prone to brain damage in the area of ​​the Sylvian furrow. Agrammatism is translated from Greek, as a lack of quality or attribute. Read the rest of this entry »

Bury-Berry disease

болезнь бери-бери фото Bari-Beri disease is a disease caused by a deficiency in the human body of thiamine (vitamin B1), which contributes to the normal course of fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Deficiency of thiamine leads to the fact that pyruvic acid begins to accumulate in the blood of a person with a noticeable increase in its concentration in the nervous system. The consequence of the biochemical metabolic disturbance that occurs is acute damage to the midbrain (Wernicke's encephalopathy) or damage to the nervous system (polyneuritis). Болезнь Бери-Бери Read the rest of this entry »


невроз фото Neurosis derives its name from Greek and means nerve. Synonyms are neurotic disorder and psychoneurosis. Collective names of the group of nervous functional diseases of psychogenic disorders (hysterical neurosis, neurasthenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder) tend to be prolonged. The clinical picture of these disorders has asthenic, obsessive, and also hysterical manifestations. Read the rest of this entry »

Pincering of the sciatic nerve

защемление нерва фото Stitching of the sciatic nerve - a prolonged severe pain, observed along the sciatic nerve. Two sciatic nerve are the largest nerves in the human body, which come out of the pelvic cavity, descend down the back side of the thigh, then divide into two branches: tibial and peroneal nerves. It is because of this that painful feelings often spread to the whole. Read the rest of this entry »


головокружение фото Dizziness is a feeling of an imaginary movement or rotation of a body in space or an incorrect definition of one's body in the surrounding space. Patients describe the dizziness in completely different ways: it is: swimming or rocking the head, impaired coordination, rotation inside the head, weakness in the legs, Read the rest of this entry »


вертиго фото Vertigo (dizziness) is a loss of balance, which is accompanied by a feeling of the body rotating around objects, or on the contrary - by rotating objects around the body. Vertigo - the second most common symptom with which people turn to the doctor (the first place with a large margin takes the head and back pain). As an example of a true, but not connected with any disease, vertigo, Read the full entry »


дислексия фото Dyslexia is a specific violation of learning by nature neurological direction. It is characterized by an inability to quickly, as well as correctly recognize words, perform decoding, and master spelling skills. Read the rest of this entry »