гипопротеинемия фото Hypoproteinemia is a pathologically caused sharp or gradual decrease in the level of total protein in the plasma component of the blood. For the formation of this pathological state, only a violation is sufficient Read the full post »


коллагеноз фото Collagenosis is an immunopathological process, accompanied by the development of degenerative disorders with a predominant involvement of connective tissue, characterized by a progressive course and a wide range of clinical manifestations. Read the rest of this entry »


гипокальциемия фото Hypocalcemia is a polytheological pathological condition, which is observed as a symptomatic complex of other nosological forms, based on a sharp or moderate decrease in the concentration of serum ionized read more »


пеллагра фото Pellagra is a systemic pathology of the human body, manifested in the appearance of symptoms of the defeat of the digestive and nervous system, as well as the apparent changes in the skin that are caused by the pronounced insufficiency of vitamins of all subgroups B and nicotinic acid. Read the rest of this entry »


ферментопатия фото Fermentopathy is a pathological disruption of the functioning of the structures of the human body's enzyme system, caused by the partial or total absence of production of any type of enzyme. Опасность любой Read the rest of this entry »


Calcinosis (calcification) is a common limited accumulation of calcium in the form of salts in the structure of various tissues, followed by a pathological change in their function. With satisfactory functioning of the organs of the digestive tract and urinary system, a normal metabolic exchange of calcium is provided in the form of its absorption in the small intestine and excretion with faeces and urine. Read the rest of this entry »


гиперкальциемия фото Hypercalcemia is a polytheological pathology that is observed as a symptomatic complex of other diseases or an independent nosological form, based on a sharp or moderate increase in the serum calcium concentration. Read the rest of this entry »


авитаминоз фото Avitaminosis is a chronic pathological condition that occurs with an acute deficit of a vitamin, as a consequence of a violation of the correct diet or the manifestation of any chronic pathological process. Read the rest of this entry »