Мягкий шанкр Soft chancre (chancroid, venereal ulcer) is an acute infectious inflammatory disease transmitted exclusively by the sexual way, manifested by multiple painful ulcers at the site of implantation, as well as by inflammation of the peripheral lymph nodes. This disease is widespread in countries with subtropical and tropical climate (South and Central America, Africa, Southeast Asia). The causative agent of soft chancre is the streptobacillus of Petersen-Ducrea.

было установлено, что у 10% пациентов, зараженных мягким шанкром, также присутствуют генитальный герпес или сифилис. Due to numerous studies of venereal diseases, it was found that 10% of patients infected with chancroid are also genital herpes or syphilis. In addition, there was a very close relationship between chancroid and AIDS

Mild chancroid symptoms

The incubation period of this disease is from three to ten days. Initially, a swollen, bright red, small inflammatory spot appears on the infection site, which quickly transforms into a pustule, and then after it is opened into an ulcer. Primary elements can be observed in the form of purulent eruptions, which quickly ulcerate and have irregularly shaped, edematous edentate edges of a soft consistency. The bottom of ulcers is uneven, brightly red, covered with abundant necrotic and purulent discharge. There is a characteristic sharp soreness of ulcers. Due to the ability of soft chancre to autoinoculation, a large number of ulcerous areas with bleeding granulations are formed.

Most often, ulcers are localized in the perianal region, in the clitoris, on the large and small labia, on the foreskin and the penile frenulum. If the infection occurred during oral or anal intercourse, the ulcers are located in the mucous membrane of the mouth, lips, throat, or in the anus.

For soft chancre is characterized by regional lymphadenitis, which is often subjected to purulent fusion followed by the formation of a ulcerous surface. Regional lymphadenitis develops three to four weeks after the appearance of soft chancre and has an acute course. In the future, the inflamed lymph nodes soften and soon open, highlighting a large amount of purulent-bloody contents, forming the so-called "chancroid bubo". After two to four weeks, the ulcers heal, and in their place a small scar is formed.

The diagnosis of mild chancroid is established based on a bacterioscopic examination and a general clinical picture. половых органов, синдромом Бехчета и простым герпесом In addition, it is necessary to make a differential diagnosis with venereal lymphogranulomatosis, primary syphilis, acute vulvar ulcer, donovanosis, genital tuberculosis , Behcet's syndrome and herpes simplex

Soft chancre treatment

For the treatment of soft chancre, conventional etiotropic therapy with sulfanilamide preparations (duoseptol, bactrim, erythromycin, trimethoprim) and broad-spectrum antibiotics is performed; Locally used antiseptic ointments, creams and powders (norsulfazole, sulfatiosol, etc.). The most well-proven means are those that destroy both chopped chopsticks and pale treponema, which are the causative agents of syphilis. Usually the course of treatment lasts one to two weeks, but in cases with severe course, it is prolonged.

At the end of treatment, an additional examination is needed to exclude syphilis.