Male anorexia

мужская анорексия фото Every year, male anorexia is gaining momentum. And, unfortunately, with anorexia, the men's bulimia is walking amicably, which men are exposed to three times more often than women. Men are categorical and do not recognize their own problems. It has long been believed that anorexia is a purely female problem, but British doctors are concerned about the rapid growth of male anorexia. The pursuit of a beautiful ideal body pushes men to such senseless steps and aggravation of their health. Men fixate on their forms, engage in rapid physical exercises to achieve their goal, keep on monitoring the amount of calories consumed, consciously refuse to eat, arranging hungry days, are constantly weighed. The age of men suffering from anorexia became younger. Medical workers are sounding the alarm about the decrease in the muscular muscles of schoolchildren.

Men's anorexia and bulimia are the desire to keep weight on control, artificially inducing vomiting with improvised drugs after each meal. Failures and a desire to get rid of a crowded stomach arise in patients with anorexia, always because at the time of food they feel that they ate a lot. After each act to release the stomach, there is a sense of guilt towards what was done, which may lead to future psychosomatic disorders

Anorexia Causes

Men's anorexia differs from women's anorexia age range and their development in a complex with schizophrenia, psychoses, neuroses. And before men got sick with anorexia, many of them suffered from excess weight. The immense enthusiasm for debilitating sports also leads to a terrible exhaustion of the male body. Men working in the modeling business are often prone to male anorexia. Before the onset of the disease, many people with anorexia had a weak muscular and vascular system, there were malaises from the digestive tract

Anorexia symptoms

- Anorexic men refuse to eat

- give undue preference to sport

- those suffering from anorexia refuse active life, become without initiative, are prone to seclusion

- deny the disease as such

Anorexia treatment

- treatment is focused on the return of the patient with anorexia to a weight corresponding to the norm

- creation of favorable conditions for independent food intake

- the inculcation of a positive attitude towards food, its forms

- active participation and support of relatives in achieving a speedy recovery of men

- examination by a psychotherapist, appointment of bed rest, hospitalization

- appointment of fortifying agents, vitamin complexes, blood substitutes

- patients with anorexia should eat high-calorie

- Anorexic patients with an improvement in their condition start taking tranquilizers and antidepressants

- a positive attitude throughout the course of treatment

- with refusal to be treated and a sharp decrease in weight (relapse), repeated hospitalization of the patient is necessary

- use of autogenic training

- group therapy for the purpose of sharing experiences on recovery with other patients with anorexia

- consultation with a qualified dietitian doctor in the conclusion of treatment

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