Monthly during pregnancy

месячные при беременности фото Now any forum of pregnant women provides information about amazing stories about the monthly during pregnancy. Some ladies confidently claim that about the onset of pregnancy, learned only after a few months. And yet, why do menstrual periods occur during pregnancy?

Yes, monthly during pregnancy, or rather, poor bleeding leads into confusion of many women. What is the nature of these incomprehensible phenomena? After all, it is believed that during pregnancy and gestation the baby stops menstruation. And this is exactly so in fact. Each specialist will confirm that it is impossible that the menses during pregnancy in the early stages occur (as well as late). Most likely this is your real bleeding. And this is very dangerous and is the main symptom of the threat of a miscarriage.

How to act properly, if nevertheless go monthly during pregnancy? Do not worry ahead of time. Calculate your timing and if your situation is still in question, then presumably this is menstrual bleeding. And if they are still pregnant, then for a short period of time miscarriage is difficult to stop. According to medical statistics, most spontaneous abortions (miscarriages) occur in the first weeks of pregnancy . At the time after 4 weeks, with the most insignificant discharge, a woman is put in a hospital for examination, where bleeding is stopped, uterus tone is relieved, but with the consent of the woman to keep pregnancy.

The danger in this situation is a great loss of blood. And the longer the time, the more bleeding. Every day the placenta area increases, and its supposed detachment becomes more dangerous. If the detachment of the placenta occurred during the third trimester of pregnancy, then in such cases a cesarean section is taken. To delay in such a situation is impossible, it is necessary to save the life of the mother, as well as the child. When delaying surgical interventions, the child dies very quickly and the cause is acute hypoxia (lack of oxygen).

If you have an ectopic pregnancy , it is also likely that you will have a monthly period. They represent very poor brown discharge, accompanied by sharp pain, mainly in the lower abdomen. If you have such symptoms, you need urgent medical help.

Only in a single case, the monthly ones during pregnancy are really permissible, or rather do not pose a threat to the woman: when the egg is implanted into the wall of the uterus. This is a rare implantation bleeding, but very small and barely noticeable on linen.

If you are sure that you are pregnant, and also found spotting on your laundry, immediately seek help from a doctor or use an ambulance. Before the arrival of physicians, keep the bed rest, do not lift the weight and by itself exclude sex.

Months during pregnancy at the earliest possible date are not considered deviations. Ovulation in women, usually occurs on the fourteenth day of the cycle and then, if during this period the fertilization of the egg occurred, then its direct path along the fallopian tubes to the uterus. The length of the path is measured in two weeks. But if the signal about the accomplished implantation came late, then the hormonal background does not have time to reconstruct itself, and as a result, the usual monthly ones come.

There is also such an extremely rare reason that caused menstruation, in which a woman in different ovaries for a period of one cycle in turn, mature two eggs. Then one is impregnated, and the second with the endometrium is rejected, which causes menstruation.

All of the listed causes of menstruation, caused during pregnancy, only apply to early periods. If such symptoms are repeated in the second and third months of pregnancy, then most likely you are not starting a miscarriage, and stalking hormones because of the decreased level of estrogen in the blood. In this case, your monthly will go according to the schedule established before pregnancy. For today, a rarity if you meet a woman whose hormonal background will be stable and for which there are cases when a woman during the period of bearing a child menstruates several months.

Monthly during pregnancy, or maybe it's spotting? What is the difference?

If you are sure that you are pregnant and you still have spotting, contact a gynecologist or call an ambulance. It can not be a norm, but rather an indicator of a hormonal disorder.

Monthly during pregnancy are dangerous? And yes, and no, therefore it will not hurt to be examined. The examination includes checking the level of hormones and so on. If only after menstruation became aware of pregnancy, then act as planned. Calmly nurse pregnancy and do not worry, because the formation of the fetus, as well as organs, these hormones do not affect. To aggravate the situation can the environment, drugs. The main thing, remember that a month's pregnancy can provoke a miscarriage. If you think that you are in a position, then it is better for you to see a doctor, make a test and part with doubts.

Remember that the menses during pregnancy should be minor and not accompanied by pain!

Causes of menses during pregnancy

To the reasons causing monthly carry:

- exfoliation of the fruit egg

- progesterone insufficiency

- Hyperandrogenia (elevated levels of male sex hormones)

- ectopic pregnancy

- frozen pregnancy

Thus, understanding the causes of the ongoing menstrual period during pregnancy, possible emergency treatment and favorable bearing of the child, unless of course this is an ectopic, and not frozen pregnancy

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