Diet №7, table №7

диета №7 фото Diet №7, table №7 developed by a dietician MI Pevzner is appointed and recommended for kidney diseases (acute nephritis in the period of improvement and chronic nephritis after a period of exacerbation), with mucus eczema, inflammatory processes accompanied by edema, tuberculosis .

Diet №8, table №8

диета при ожирении фото Diet № 8, and also table number 8, is one of 15 diets, presented in Soviet times by the famous physician, dietitian M. Pevzner. The functional value of diet is the weight loss of obese people. Table number 8 remains effective to this day and many patients with excess weight are cured due to diet number 8. Рацион Read the rest of this entry »

Diet №9, table №9

диета №9 фото Diet 9 developed and introduced in the treatment of clinical gastroenterology Manuil Isaakovich Pevzner. His brilliant idea is to develop 15 medical diets, aimed at treating certain diseases with an individual approach. All diets are called a table and have their own number. The purpose of diet 9 is Read the entire entry »

Diet №10, table №10

диета №10 фото Diet №10, table №10 is prescribed for patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system in the period of compensation, as well as severe non-severe circulatory failure I-IIA, in hypertensive disease I-II stage, in the chronic period Read the full entry »

Diet №11

диета №11 фото Diet number 11, or table number 11 - is one of the diets developed by the Soviet therapist Mikhail Pevzner. He is the founder of dietetics, as well as clinical gastroenterology in the USSR. The professor developed a system for groups of diseases consisting of 15 diets

The main therapeutic goal of the diet number 11 is to stop the anti-inflammatory process and increase the protective forces. Read the rest of this entry »

Diet in Autism

диета при аутизме Now, according to the results of numerous studies, it has been established that autism , as well as Asperger's syndrome, are not only psychiatric disorders, but also expressed in violations of metabolic processes. Scientists believe that children with autism, two proteins (gluten, casein), falling into the stomach Read the full post »

Diet №5а

диета №5а Diet No. 5a was widely used in acute and chronic hepatitis, with cholecystitis at the onset of exacerbation, with biliary tract damage, with cholelithiasis, during liver disease, as well as biliary tracts in combination with gastric and intestinal diseases, cirrhosis in the stage of sedation , in the period of exacerbation of stomach ulcers and Read the full entry »

Diet №5, table №5

диета №5 Diet № 5 was specially developed in Soviet times by the scientist - dietician Mikhail Pevzner. The diet is designed for patients with chronic diseases of the liver , gall bladder, esophagus, stomach and bile duct diseases. The goal of the diet is to remove the aggravation and forget about their own Read the full post »