Ointment during pregnancy

мази при беременности фото With the onset of pregnancy, expectant mothers are not encouraged to get involved in ointments. They can hurt the baby very badly. But there is a list of medications that are quite acceptable, which your gynecologist or therapist who prescribes you will appoint. Remember the harm of self-treatment. This is especially important at the beginning of an interesting situation in the first weeks, when the body is forming and laying the children's organs. Yes, and the female tender body becomes very vulnerable and sensitive to various ointments during pregnancy, there may be a failure to make ointments because of odors or allergies.

In the period of expectation of the child, the female body acquires sensitivity to a variety of viral infections that are transmitted by airborne droplets

Oksolinovaya ointment during pregnancy

Let's talk about the oxolin ointment. This medicine is widely advertised. Is it harmless? Let's figure it out. Oxolin also contains a chemical that suppresses vital activity, as well as killing viruses located on the nasal mucosa. Simultaneously, a part of Oxolin penetrates into the blood, and also affects the body. Exact data on the effects of Oxoline on the body of pregnant women do not, but remember that the body of women during this period is unpredictable and individual. And yet, oxolin ointment received permission during pregnancy. It is good for cold manifestations, with the prevention of influenza . Ointment is easy to apply: it is necessary to apply a little medicine on the nasal mucosa. Similarly, oxolin ointment is effective for dermatitis, viral skin diseases, lichens, warts

Sulfur ointment during pregnancy

Relatively safe ointment during pregnancy, as well as for nursing mothers is considered sulfuric ointment. This ointment during pregnancy is recommended for such diseases as scabies, seborrheic dermatitis, acne , rosacea.

Sulfur ointment during pregnancy has increased antibacterial properties, cleans clogged pores, prevents the reproduction of bacteria on the skin, and also effectively drains it, while improving the appearance of the skin. Side effect when using this medicine is still very small, but we will not exclude even one percent, so consultation with your leading physician is necessary

Acyclovir in Pregnancy

Widely used during pregnancy, such an ointment as acyclovir, but it is prescribed for the most urgent need. It is effective in the primary infection of herpes. Herpes virus can occur at the very beginning of pregnancy, because a woman's immunity decreases. It penetrates the placenta, begins to multiply and affects the tissues of the fetus. This can serve as the birth of a child with pathology, as well as congenital malformation.

Acyclovir is recommended to be applied to damaged skin areas several times a day. But in the late term of pregnancy this medicine is not recommended. Similarly, it can not be used during lactation. But other ointments during pregnancy are allowed at any time, for example, Viferon

Viferon during pregnancy

This ointment is safe and allows you to avoid side effects on the fetus for nine months. Viferon during pregnancy has antiviral, as well as anti-chlamydial action. This medicine allows you to cope with diseases such as herpes , rubella, and cytomegalovirus . The medicine is applied up to four times a day, in a very thin layer, trying not to damage the rash bubbles, lasting one week. Sometimes there is a rash, but it will disappear after the cessation of treatment

Nystatin in pregnancy

In exceptional cases, nystatin is prescribed to treat thrush.

Thrush and pregnancy - it is very unpleasant for the sensations of the future mother. Thrush causes unbearable itching, which is difficult to get rid of. Doctors recommend applying a thin layer of medication to problem areas of the skin up to two times each day, but also advise to refrain from applying for terms up to three months

Ointments for hemorrhoids in pregnancy

If there is an intimate problem - hemorrhoids in pregnancy, you should use drugs that include sea buckthorn oil. These ointments are harmless. Effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids and drugs such as Gepatrombin G, Procto-Glivenol, Proctosedil, Posterizan.

Remember that all of the above listed drugs should be used after their appointment as a doctor and be healthy all your interesting situation

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