False pregnancy

беременность ложная фото A rare woman does not want to experience the happiness of motherhood, but there is a separate category of ladies who had to undergo the pangs of false pregnancy in their lives. The phenomenon is rare and every year according to statistics this diagnosis is reduced.

False pregnancy in women refers to psychoemotional disorders. Often, it covers women who, up to the unbearable, want to have a child, while pregnancy seems so real and true that without the help of psychoneurologists it is indispensable here. The second name for false pregnancy is pseudo-variation

Signs of a false pregnancy

Duration psevdoberemennosti reaches its maximum in most cases to three months, and then the myth of pregnancy is dispelled by doctors, psychologists, relatives. The signs of a false pregnancy include weakness, mood swings, a sense of having a move of an imaginary fetus

Symptoms of a false pregnancy

The symptomatology of pseudopregnancy is manifested mainly as in obstetrical pregnancy: toxicosis, absence of menstruation, as well as irregularity, real increase in waist and abdomen volumes, slight increase in uterus, flatulence, enlargement of mammary glands, atony of large intestine, appearance of colostrum, strong gastronomic desire for certain products , softening of the cervix, rare false birth pains

Causes of a false pregnancy

The false result of the pregnancy test is actually recorded by women, but this does not mean that it is necessary to believe in pregnancy right away without additional examinations. Expose in your life all the doubt and then there will be less disappointments, nervous breakdowns like this. Often, after a second test (after some time) for pregnancy, the result is negative, but a woman who initially believed in pregnancy, refuses to accept this new fact for the reality. This contributes to a number of psychoemotional factors, namely, the instability of the woman's psyche (a weak type of nervous system - the presence of choleric or melancholy features) and an increased amount of hormones. Bursts of emotion, stress (spontaneous abortion, loss-death of a child), increased anxiety can provoke belief in false pregnancy. In addition, pseudopregnancy may occur due to secondary amenorrhea, which lasts up to six months. фото ложной беременности

A woman can be so engulfed in her imaginary pregnancy that she will most likely lead her to a psychoemotional disorder. Additional impetus to the pseudo-sexuality of a woman is the expectation of the child by friends or someone from the environment of relatives. It is possible that for a woman characterized in the past were hysteria , neurosis, as well as manic-depressive psychosis . And this can also be the cause of a false pregnancy. It is not necessary to exclude from reasons for pseudopregnancy and such a disease as neoplasia. In the category of women trapped in this condition, include women of fair sex who have reached the age of 30, as well as those women who vainly and unsuccessfully want to become pregnant

False pregnancy treatment

Can a false pregnancy occur and be? Of course it can. Remember the influence of autosuggestion, as well as the desire for reality. So this is just from this area, poorly studied in psychology, as well as psychiatry.

The disappearance of once and for all symptoms is possible immediately after a visit to the gynecologist, when the doctor will explain to the woman what her imaginary signs of pregnancy are related to. Diagnosis of false pregnancy includes examination of the patient and often the gynecologist does not see the signs that are present in all pregnant women. If a woman continues to insist on her, then a consultation of a psychotherapist, an endocrinologist and a psychiatrist is necessary. It is necessary for a woman to help cope with tearing emotional problems and most importantly, be prepared for the fact that after finding out the real reason, the victim will swallow the Depression . A similar condition can overtake men.

False pregnancy in men is quite common, when the future father begins to experience the symptoms of a pregnant wife. Here, there is such a fact as empathy for the spouse and the ability to take over her feelings related to pregnancy. This condition is typical for very sensitive, vulnerable and experiencing men with psychosomatic disorders, as well as with signs of an infantile-hysterical warehouse. The age of the sick men is up to 27 years and mainly, expecting the first child. беременность у мужчин фото

False pregnancy in men begins to speak about itself from 12 weeks, and ends with the birth of a child. The man also reduces appetite, there is an intolerance to certain foods, drowsiness and weakness in the morning, lower abdominal pain, insomnia, diverse intestinal disorders, irritability, mood swings, capriciousness and Depressive states .

The main reason for the physician is the sincere sense of guilt of a man in front of a woman for the fact that she suffers, expecting a child. A help in this case will be a visit to the psychologist, where the stress associated with the expectation of the baby will be removed. And remember that such men do not belong to a joint birth.

The happiness of motherhood is not such an unreal event. Of course, it's unpleasant when they tear down your fairy tale, the dream of what you believed, but be courageous and worthy of the news that it was you who had a false pregnancy

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