бронхоэктазы фото Bronchoectasis (bronchoectatic disease) is a pathological saccular or cylindrical enlargement of the bronchi and bronchioles, provoked by a deep destructive lesion of the walls of the bronchus and surrounding tissues. They can be located in one segment / lobe of the lung, or capture one or both of the lungs. Bronchiectasis is usually observed in the lower lobes of the lungs. Read more »

Foreign body of the ear

инородные тела уха1 Foreign bodies of the ear are in most cases observed in children who, due to their natural curiosity, stuff all kinds of small objects (beads, seeds, fruit bones, paper, etc.) into the ear canal. In adults, foreign bodies in the ear turn out mostly when they try to clean it, or Read the full entry »

Foreign bodies of the nose

инородные тела носа Foreign bodies of the nose are most common in children. They are quite diverse in form, size and nature (balls, pins, cogs from toys, plant seeds, coins, pieces of paper, pieces of fruit, etc.). In adults, foreign bodies can get into the production and pain injuries of a person. Read the rest of this entry »

Foreign bodies of the larynx

инородные тела гортани Foreign bodies of the larynx are much less common than foreign bodies of the nose, ears, trachea or bronchi. In the larynx, foreign bodies are most often stuck due to their large volume or uneven edges (egg and nut shells, meat and fish bones, metal objects, dentures, etc.) and in most cases are wedged between the ligaments. There are cases when larynx fixes leeches falling into it when drinking water directly from natural water bodies. Read the rest of this entry »

Foreign bodies of pharynx

Инородные тела глотки In modern ENT - practice, foreign bodies of the pharynx are often encountered. They can be of the most varied nature and form: cereal shells, pieces of fruit, fish bones, pieces of wood, metal objects, dentures, etc. Due to the wearing of dentures, the sensitivity of the mucosa of the soft and hard palate is significantly reduced, so foreign bodies can get into pharynx imperceptibly. Read the rest of this entry »

Aperture of the larynx

Диафрагма гортани Diaphragm of the larynx - connective tissue membrane in the larynx. The reasons for the occurrence of scar tissue include: prolonged wearing of a tracheotomy or intubation tube, chondroperichondritis of the larynx, scleroma, congenital anomalies (rarely). , острые Читать запись полностью » Also, the causes of the laryngeal diaphragm can be: cardiovascular diseases, allergies, kidney diseases , acute Read the full post »

Abscess of the pharynx

Абсцесс заглоточный Abscess of the pharyngeal (abscess retrofaringealny) - purulent fusion of the pharyngeal space and lymph nodes. It is usually observed at an early age (up to two to three years) in weakened and malnourished children. The infection spreads through the lymphatic pathways from the middle ear, auditory tube, nasopharynx and nasal cavity. Read the rest of this entry »

Hypertrophy of palatine tonsils

гипертрофия небных миндалин Hypertrophy of palatine tonsils is most common in childhood, and in most cases, in combination with adenoids, which clearly shows the general hyperplasia of the lymphadenoid tissue. Read the rest of this entry »