Smoking during pregnancy

курение и беременность The number of pregnant pregnant women is incredibly progressing, and the view that light cigarettes with menthol harm the child do not bring the wrong.

From smoking every year in the world, up to 6 million people die. On Russia, the deaths of 340 000 people and according to statistics smoking among Russians is one of the most leading places in the world. Every 6 seconds life is lost forever by one person!

Smoking during pregnancy is a scourge of our society, a social problem that harms the entire gene pool of the nation.

The world community is also concerned about this situation, and about the dangers of smoking during pregnancy paid enough attention and carried out a huge amount of research. Representations about the harmful effects of smoking on pregnancy were so superficial that it is not permissible and a crime against unborn children.

The statistics presents data that all countries of the world are subject to this addiction and the growing number of smoking pregnant women is growing rapidly. For example, in the US 55%, in the UK 43%, in Australia 40% of future mothers smokers.

The category of pregnant pregnant women prevails in a low social group (handymen).

Smoke caused by cigarettes contains more than 4,000 chemicals, including cyanide. And more than 60 of them can cause cancer. When smoking toxic mixtures penetrate the circulatory system, and this is the source of oxygen, as well as nutrients for the baby.

The conducted studies indicate unpleasant effects from this addiction. These include low birth weight, premature birth , perinatal mortality, physical deficiencies, spontaneous abortion, preeclampsia, congenital disorders and long-term after-effects of the newborn.

Diseases caused by smoking during pregnancy are divided into the following: maternal illness, embryo disease, fetal disease, neonatal diseases, as well as diseases of older children.

Smoking during pregnancy has a strong negative effect on the fetus and placenta, causing various pathological changes of different origin.

The total adverse effect of smoking during pregnancy is projected onto the fetus, the risk of spontaneous abortion, perinatal mortality, premature birth, pathology in physical growth, as well as the development of the nervous system and the intelligence of the baby. Physicians use the term "fetal tobacco syndrome" to assess the overall effect of smoking during pregnancy.

The incidence of adverse outcomes during pregnancy is significantly increased in smoking mothers. So Mom make the right conclusions. Smoking and pregnancy are things that are incompatible, causing damage at the genetic level. Smoking during pregnancy can be equated with the conscious destruction of your unborn baby. Similarly, scary in its effects and passive smoking during pregnancy. A baby can develop a sudden infant death syndrome after birth.

Medical observations of pregnant women show that the increase in body weight caused by increased nutrition does not protect the fetus from the negative influence of smoking. Pregnant women have various changes in the placenta due to smoking, there are also violations of placental blood flow.

The increased incidence of spontaneous abortion, as well as neonatal mortality, is directly related to the separation of the placenta, fetal hypoxia or placental infarction.

There are studies that smoking during pregnancy adversely affects the condition of peripheral circulation, and therefore helps reduce fetal movements. Carbon monoxide and nicotine, contained in tobacco smoke, directly affect the slow growth of the fetus.

A constant inhalation of tobacco smoke provokes a pronounced hypoxia of the fetus. The intensity of smoking directly affects the lack of weight gain in a pregnant woman.

Terrible statistics on stillbirth, where mother and father are smoking. A threat to the life of the baby is a systematically smoked cigarettes on day 4. Smoking during pregnancy can provoke vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy.

The physical, emotional, and intellectual development of a child is directly dependent on smoking during pregnancy. Children much later start to read, count, lag behind the school curriculum, and also lag behind in physical terms. Directly link the mother's smoking with the appearance of hyperkinesia.

Smoking cigarettes during pregnancy can become a teratogenic factor and provoke such congenital diseases as harelip and congenital cleft palate (wolf mouth), as well as their combination.

Mummy smokers are more likely to have children with different heart defects, as well as defects in nasopharyngeal development, strabismus, inguinal hernia, mental retardation, the probability of having a child diagnosed with anencephaly increases.

It is established that the spermatozoa of smoking fathers are subject to morphological changes and the babies of such parents have a high probability of being born with defects.

A group of Columbia University researchers received evidence of the toxic effects of the environment (addiction to smoking) on ​​the occurrence of genetic diseases. Down Syndrome is the confirmation.

Smoking of grass (marijuana, hashish, anasha) during pregnancy also leads to sad consequences. In newborns, there is a delay in growth, disturbances in the formation of the nervous system and vision, babies weak from birth, are more often sick, and some are mentally abnormal.

Smoking mummies are hard to tolerate and more often suffer from toxicosis, more often perenashivayut child up to 42 weeks of pregnancy .

In women addicted to addiction, childbirth is often prolonged. There is a high probability of complications during childbirth.

It would seem that these facts should stop a woman from a bad habit for the sake of a healthy future child, but many do not hurry to change their usual rhythm of life

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