Foreign bodies of the nose

инородные тела носа Foreign bodies of the nose are most common in children. They are quite diverse in form, size and nature (balls, pins, cogs from toys, plant seeds, coins, pieces of paper, pieces of fruit, etc.). In adults, foreign bodies can get into the production and pain injuries of a person (molten metal, pieces of stone or glass, shell fragments, etc.), as well as from the mouth during vomiting. Very rarely there are live foreign bodies of the nose (small insects, ascarids and leeches). In the case of a prolonged stay in the nasal cavity of a foreign body, around it, due to the precipitation of calcium carbonate and phosphate, so-called "nasal stones" (rhinolites)


Depend on the length of stay in the nasal cavity and the nature of the foreign body. There is reflex lacrimation and sneezing, nasal breathing becomes more difficult, there are purulent - bloody discharge from the nostril infested with a foreign body. If foreign bodies of small size with a smooth surface - the symptoms may not be a sufficiently long period of time. In acute foreign bodies, bleeding occurs and sustained pain sensations appear.

The diagnosis is established based on the data of a rhinoscopy, radiographic examination, sensing and anamnesis


Removal of small foreign bodies (previously dripping in the nose of the vasoconstrictor), perhaps by a simple strong barking. If the attempt of removal in this way was unsuccessful, the patient should go to the otolaryngology unit to receive qualified medical care.

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