херофобия фото Herophobia is an irrational, uncontrolled fear or anxious experience at the time of the upcoming, as well as existing fun or entertainment. The causes of hierophobia are complex and not fully understood. It is assumed that the fear of fun develops in people, related to introverts. This personality trait manifests itself in the direction of one's inner world, following one's own interests and desires.

Symptoms of hierophobia

On holidays, a person involuntarily experiences anxiety, uncertainty, a painful fear that forces him to avoid entertainment and seek safe places for solitude. For the hierophobia, there is a certain closedness and isolation from the entire outside world, individualism, head-to-head care, avoidance of emotional and cheerful people, anxiety, restlessness, panic-stricken fear in places of entertainment.

The irritation of cherophobia is fun. Herophobe can not understand why people are so cheerful and why they are constantly striving for this. He is constantly in his thoughts and thoughts about the existence of a human being, which endlessly strives to indulge in merriment. Fun places chefobob tries not to visit or immediately leave. Herophobia does not lend itself to a logical explanation, but the hierophobe itself is clear and does not want to explain anything to others. The society accepts such people for disrespectful, strange, sometimes ignorant, antisocial, withdrawn.

Herophobes feel uncomfortable in a noisy, cheerful environment; do not know how to behave properly, and if the society is unfamiliar - this introduces them into a stupor, since it is necessary to show interest in people unfamiliar and show them their location.

Especially not to the liking of cheroobobs, when they are cheerfully forcibly. Automatically they close and take a deaf defense, forgetting the rules of propriety.

Herophobia manifests itself in the inability to have fun, and also to rest. Herophobes usually rest at home, in the park, in nature and are very afraid of noisy public places, as they make him nervous. They do not need thrills, noise, talk, loud music. From all this they close.

Treatment of hierophobia

The main goal in the treatment of fear of fun is the ability not to be afraid to face a phobic situation and to understand that it is not dangerous. Effective are various therapeutic forms, consisting in immersion in the real situation, causing phobia, as well as other various methods of behavioral therapy, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.

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