Buckwheat diet

гречневая диета для похудения The most effective diet for weight loss - on buckwheat porridge. With it, you can lose up to 10 kilograms of excess weight in two weeks. Due to the fact that buckwheat normalizes metabolic processes and cleanses the body from harmful accumulations, weight loss occurs. And thanks to the content of buckwheat croup of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, microelements and dietary fiber - a person remains active and weight loss occurs without consequences for his health. I want to note the benefit of the buckwheat diet for diseases of the cardiovascular system, with disturbed metabolism, as well as with diabetes mellitus . Buckwheat diet for weight loss is a great opportunity to strengthen the immune system of the body and prevent the oncological diseases

The duration of buckwheat diet for weight loss does not exceed two weeks. While on a diet, discard spices, salt, seasonings, fats, sugar. The last meal is recommended no later than 4 hours before bedtime. In order to buckwheat diet for weight loss did not become a shock for you, start with a fasting day on buckwheat. Observe your feelings and if everything is in order: there is no headache , apathy, ailments, then continue. гречневая диета для похудения

The daily diet of the buckwheat diet includes :

- buckwheat porridge, cooked on water without restrictions on consumption

- kefir up to one liter

- Carbonated or melt water up to two liters

: Preparation of buckwheat porridge :

At night, pour buckwheat in buckwheat in enamelware (for one glass of buckwheat - two glasses of water), wrap and leave until the morning.

: Contraindications for the buckwheat diet :

- lactation

- pregnancy

- gastritis

peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum гречневая диета для похудения

So, buckwheat diet for weight loss from the first to the fourteenth day

: 300 мл кефира Breakfast 1-st : 300 ml of kefir

: гречневая каша 200 грамм, газированная вода Breakfast 2-nd : buckwheat porridge 200 grams, soda water

: гречневая каша 300 грамм, талая вода Lunch : buckwheat porridge 300 grams, melted water

: 400 мл кефира Afternoon snack : 400 ml of kefir

: гречневая каша 200 грамм, 300 мл кефира Dinner : buckwheat porridge 200 grams, 300 ml kefir

The menu presented before you, as one of the options, which can vary according to your desire (for example, increase or decrease the amount of buckwheat porridge). And to maintain the body in good shape, be sure to include a vitamin and mineral complex in the diet, which will help to easily transfer the buckwheat diet for weight loss.