графомания фото Graphomania is a mental illness that is expressed in a person in addiction to writing, with a complete lack of literary abilities. Passion graphomaniac empty, wordy, However, he claims to be a publisher in literary journalistic journals. Everyone who writes gambling is graphomaniac. It is generally believed that a graphomaniac is a poorly written person.

Graphomania - signs

The main features of the graphomaniac are the lack of education, the inability to progress, and the inability to work on oneself. The next signs of graphomania are the violation of the connectedness of the text, the importunate repetition of images, the fascination with banal images, plagiarism, the violation of syntactic rules, stylistic errors, and lexical flaws. The works of graphomaniacs are patterned and boring. Addiction manifests itself in verbose useless writing and writing it on paper. Grafoman is obsessed with his idea of ​​writing, and if possible, everyone offers to read his writings. Trends in graphomania are often inherent in prudent psychopaths, schizophrenics with high conceit, which does not allow to recognize that their works are useless. The signs of measuring graphomania can not be, as there can not be units of measurement of talent. The classic sign of graphomania is that a person is seriously given to writing. Self-irony is absent, and humor towards his creativity is perceived painfully. The creations of the graphomaniac are always with him, and at any time he can offer to evaluate them, but apart from laughter they do not cause anything in people. The painful passion of writing texts often does not represent a cultural value and does not arouse the interest of readers or critics. Graphomania is able to take, as light and heavy form, but, despite this, it is well suited to drug treatment.

A kind of graphomania is erotografomaniya. In this case, love letters are necessary for sexual arousal with subsequent satisfaction.

Graphomania - reasons

The causes of graphomania are uncertainty, detachment, isolation, alienation, craving for wisdom. For example, an antisocial single person with a low self-esteem, who does not have interlocutors except a sheet of paper, is completely given to writing. Graphomania enables a person to pour out his soul on paper, and his creations represent part of a painful, as well as a lonely world. It is interesting that the more the graphomaniac composes, the less he needs and ceases to strive for real, living communication. But since a person is a social being and communication is laid on a subconscious level, the hand reaches for the paper or the computer keyboard. Thus, the graphomaniac realizes the craving for communication. The works of such a person cause bewilderment, and the person himself is a pity. Only for the graphomaniac, creations appear genius, to which he sincerely believes. Due to mental illness, for example, schizophrenia, a person can not objectively assess his condition, and very painful perceives criticism of creativity. Most of the progressive talented authors, the opinion of the audience take into account that it is a kind of stimulus for further professional development. Graphomaniacs are deprived of this and can not develop professionally, but also improve. As a result, their works have no literary, as well as spiritual value. They are all monotonous and unoriginal. After a while all contacts in reality are reduced only to the demonstration of creations, to which the outside world reacts by avoiding such a person. If you consider an easy form of graphomania, then it manifests itself when a loved one is away and writing is necessary to distract. After the return of a loved one, everything falls into place and the symptoms of graphomania go away.

Graphomania - treatment

You can help the graphoman if you are captivated by his new hobby, but if a severe form of the disease is observed, then a specialist is needed. The Internet is gradually being filled in and mastered by graphomaniacs who create a virtual samizdat. In this case, the forecast is slightly unfavorable, since the patient sucks in writing. Therefore, relatives can help effectively, who tactfully, unobtrusively will communicate with the graphomaniac, letting know that it is he who is interesting, as a person. Effective will also be behavioral therapy aimed at eliminating timidity and increasing self-esteem, developing confidence, courage in the patient. So, gradually, inspiring the graphomaniac that there are sincere people to whom he is interesting, for whom he is important, he will be able to move away from unnecessary writing.

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