халязион фото Halyazion is a tumor-like neoplasm in the thickness of the eyelid that occurs as a result of blockage of the ducts. Further development of haljazion - edema and chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands or as it is customary to call - meibomian glands. Iron finds are inside the century, their Read the full entry »

Barley on the eye

ячмень на глазу фото Barley on the eye is an infectious process on the eye, manifested by acute leakage. Barley begins its development due to the entry into the follicle of the ciliary hair or to the meibomian gland of infectious agents. Barley is the most common disease among eye infections. It is proved that during the life of the barley, about 85% are ill. Read the rest of this entry »


мейбомит фото Meibomite, or as it is also called "internal barley", is an ophthalmic disease caused by inflammation of the upper and lower eyelid meybomic glands located in the thickness of the cartilaginous plates, which develops due to the ingress and subsequent development of pathogenic coccolous flora in them. По своем течению мейбомит бывает Read the rest of this entry »


нистагм фото Nystagmus is a jerky involuntary repetitive oscillation of the eyeballs, which by their nature can be pathological and physiological. So, for example, nystagmus, which manifests itself in response to rotation in the body space. Read the full post »


блефароспазм Blepharospasm is a spastic symmetrical contraction of the circular eye muscles. Distinguish between tonic and clonic blepharospasm.

Tonic B. - spasm of the circular muscles of the eyes, accompanied by a steady squeeze, the duration of which can be several hours or several weeks; and is divided into the essential and the reflex. Read the rest of this entry »

Asthenopia (Eye fatigue syndrome)

астенопия Asthenopia or Eye fatigue syndrome is a fairly fast oncoming eye fatigue during visual work, especially if the observed object is at a very small distance from the eye. This disease is divided into: astenopia muscular and astenopy accommodative Read the full post »

Conjunctivitis. Types and methods of treatment

Конъюнктивит Conjunctivitis is a common inflammatory disease of the mucous membrane of the eye. The second name of conjunctivitis is "rabbit eyes". Such a name is received for the redness of the eyelids. How many unpleasant moments brings us conjunctivitis! This disease can be caused by both an allergic and bacterial reaction or a viral infection. Read the rest of this entry »

Hemeralopia (Nyctalopia)

Hemeralopia (niktalopiya, night blindness, night blindness) is an ophthalmologic disease that manifests itself in sharp deterioration of vision in conditions of poor illumination, at night or in the evening. Hemeralopia differs in symptomatic, essential and innate Read the full post »