Hemorrhoids and pregnancy

геморрой при беременности The most unpleasant disease in pregnancy is hemorrhoids. Delicate illness causes many troubles to the future mummy. Disease in translation literally has the value of bleeding and occurs due to over-filling with blood venous plexuses, which are located in the anus. These dilated and altered veins are hemorrhoidal nodes

Hemorrhoids in pregnancy - causes

Stagnant blood in the hemorrhoidal veins is promoted by a very calm lifestyle of the pregnant woman. A woman sitting for a long time, warms the seat under her and creates a warmer effect. This provokes the maturation of hemorrhoids. Add to this a monotonous diet without fiber, as well as excess weight in pregnancy, leading to chronic constipation. In some cases, there is a genetic defect in the structure of the veins. Affect the stagnation of blood in the veins of taking medications, lifting weights (bags), preference for laxatives, alcohol abuse, as well as such sports: rowing, cycling, horse riding, motor sport, motorcycling. Therefore, with the onset of pregnancy, you need to rethink your passions and addictions

Types of disease

For reasons of origin, hemorrhoids are isolated, both primary and secondary. Primary hemorrhoids appear and develop because of the above life moments. Hemorrhoids that first appeared in a pregnant woman are primary.

Secondary hemorrhoids appear after cardiovascular diseases, tumor processes and as a result of the effects of cirrhosis.

If hemorrhoids appeared during pregnancy, it is likely already the second half of the term, and the moment of birth can only aggravate it. Women giving birth are 5 times more likely to suffer from this ailment than those who did not give birth. The reason is caused by the pressure of the uterus on the pelvic floor, as well as the hemorrhoidal venous plexus.

The number of births, pregnancies, and age affect the likelihood of hemorrhoids. In 20-year-old pregnant women this disease is observed in three less than in pregnant women after thirty years

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy signs and symptoms

Hemorrhoids appear and develop gradually. Doctors identified several stages of the disease. At the first stage, it is troubling: discomfort in the anus, pain at the time of bowel movement, slight bleeding, visibly visible hemorrhoids, and rectal mucosa inflamed.

In the second stage, the following symptoms are added: persistent itching, discharge, pain in the anal area; prolapse of hemorrhoids.

At the third stage, all painful sensations are tripled, and the prolapse of the hemorrhoidal nodes is eliminated by manual insertion.

At the fourth stage, the most dangerous complications appear: thrombosis, acute pain in the anus and massive bleeding.

To prevent the development of the disease, it is recommended to monitor the health status and, if signs appear, contact the doctor. Many delay this moment, believing to cope on their own and launch the disease. The triggered disease is dangerous for a pregnant woman with anemia, arthritis, diseases of the genitourinary system, skin diseases.

According to the depth of occurrence, internal as well as external hemorrhoids are isolated. The internal form inside the rectum and they are completely invisible at a simple examination. The patient experiences a feeling of heat, pain in the back, in the sacrum, worried about bleeding. Complicated with such hemorrhoids anemia. External hemorrhoids are located inside the anus, worried by loss and difficulty in emptying the intestine. At the very rate of growth of painful sensations there is a hemorrhoid chronic, as well as acute

Treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnancy

Treatment of hemorrhoids should be individually, because this affects the stage of the disease and its symptoms. питания ( диета №3, стол №3 ), повышение физической активности, гигиена заднего прохода. At the initial stage, there will be enough preventive measures: normalization of the stem, correction of nutrition ( diet number 3, table number 3 ), increased physical activity, hygiene of the anus. Prevention of hemorrhoid treatment will not harm every pregnant woman. At obvious signs of a hemorrhoids without medicamental therapy to not consult. Than and how correctly to treat a hemorrhoids at pregnancy? Treatment of hemorrhoids is recommended to be performed locally, since it is possible to protect the fetus. Apply combined ointments, rectal suppositories, creams that are directed in several directions and have an anesthetic, laxative, anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive effect. All drugs and treatments are selected and prescribed by the doctor. Effective in the treatment of Gepatrombin G. Produced in the form of candles and ointments. Not bad proved to be ointments Proctosidil, Posterizan, Procto-Glivenol. Treatment of hemorrhoids is not limited during pregnancy, but continues after childbirth

Traditional treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnancy

Effective ingestion of garlic cloves; use of honey mixture with chopped prunes, dried apricots and raisins; recommended decoction of the viburnum (two tablespoons for a glass of water, boil, insist, take one spoonful), decoction from the leaves of the bones (spoon table., a glass of water, boil, filter, take one spoonful); it is recommended to take 100 grams of juice from fresh berries of mountain ash, washed down with cold water. All of the above methods of treatment are effective before the main meals.

Favorable in the treatment of the baths from the decoction of onion husk, from chamomile broth, and also solution of potassium permanganate; lotion liniments in the form of cotton swabs, dried leaves of aspen are applied to the sore spot for up to an hour; grated potatoes for up to 15 minutes; sea ​​buckthorn oil in the form of tampons; tampon candles from the juice of celandine inserted into the anus from 30 minutes to an hour; candles from raw potatoes; leaves of geranium in the form of candles-rolls for the night, soaked in vegetable oil.

But it's better not to experiment in the treatment of hemorrhoids, but to turn to a doctor in time, because pregnancy is a difficult stage in life

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