Nasal septal hematoma

гематома носовой перегородки Hematoma of the nasal septum - occurs when the nose is damaged, which are accompanied by hemorrhages in the submucosal-perichondrial layer and, under the influence of the secondary infection, can be absorbed and transferred to the abscess. и пр.). Sometimes hematoma of the septum can develop due to infectious diseases ( influenza , etc.).

The blood that has arisen on damage separates the soft cellulose of the septum from the cartilage, as a result of which the nasal sinus is narrowed, a heaviness appears in the nose and nasal breathing becomes difficult


There are headaches without definite concentration, nasal breathing becomes much more difficult, painful sensations appear in the nose area. Perhaps a slight increase in overall body temperature and a disturbance of normal health.

When visually examining the nasal cavity (when lifting its tip), a sack-shaped, fluttering swelling of bright red color is seen protruding from the nasal cavity. Perhaps the nasal folding of the nasal cavity in the abscess of the nasal septum cartilage


The therapy of hematoma of the nasal septum is to conduct a puncture of the hematoma, after which its contents are sucked off and the throat of the nose is made. With the development of an abscess, an opening of the soft-walled partitioning wall is performed on one / two sides, followed by insertion of rubber / gauze strips into the sinus and subsequent therapy with antibiotics. When the back of the nose is twisted, a plastic correction is required.

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