гиперандрогения фото Hyperandrogenism is a pathological condition of the endocrine system of the female body, which develops as a result of excessive synthesis of male sex hormones such as the ovaries or the adrenal cortex. Syndrome giperandrogenii refers to the most common Read the full entry »


микседема фото Myxedema is a pathological condition that arises as a result of improper functioning of the thyroid hormone and is manifested as signs of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroid clinical symptoms.

Until recently, such a name of the disease as "myxedema" was not used in the practice of endocrinologists and in Read the full entry »

Adrenogenital syndrome

адреногенитальный синдром фото Adrenogenital syndrome is a complex of clinical and laboratory disorders caused by heritable defects in the production of corticosteroids against the background of a pronounced deficiency of the enzyme 21-hydroxylase. Signs of adrenogenital syndrome can occur at almost any age. Read the full post »


гирсутизм фото Hirsutism - a purely feminine endocrine disease, manifested by excessive growth of hair on the face and / or body in the androgenic (male) type. There is such an embryo usually on the abdomen, back, in the thoracic region. Read the rest of this entry »

Graves' disease

базедова болезнь фото Basedova disease - endocrine disease caused by increased activity of the thyroid gland, characterized by increased reactivity of the nervous system, increased tissue metabolism, an increase in the thyroid gland (goiter), overproduction of the thyroid hormone and numerous changes in all body systems. Read the rest of this entry »


тиреотоксикоз фото Thyrotoxicosis is a pathological condition caused by an excess of thyroid hormones in the body. Sometimes this condition is called - intoxication with thyroid hormones. In medical practice, the synonym of thyrotoxicosis is hyperthyroidism, which is manifested by an increase in thyroid function. Read the rest of this entry »

Autoimmune thyroiditis

аутоиммунный тиреоидит фото Autoimmune thyroiditis is a chronic inflammatory lesion of thyroid tissue caused by an immune attack of the body on its own thyroid gland, manifested by damage and subsequent destruction of follicular cells and follicles of the gland. Today, autoimmune thyroiditis is the most common disease, of all known thyroid diseases, accounting for about 30% of their total number. At women AIT it is observed almost in Read the record completely »

Obesity of the liver

ожирение печени фото Obesity of the liver or fatty hepatosis - a disease that occurs in humans due to constant overeating, eating fatty foods and alcohol, as well as metabolic disorders. The failure of the liver leads to numerous complications. Throughout life, the human body is continuously updated, but if the patient has a metabolic disorder, this leads to fatty hepatosis. Read the rest of this entry »