IVF pregnancy

эко беременность фото Pregnancy, resulting from IVF gives so many hopes and joy to the future mother. Pregnancy through IVF for many women is the only way to fulfill your dream of becoming a mother.

ECO is understood as the in vitro in vitro in vitro fertilization of an ovum, and afterwards the embryo is contained and grown in a nutrient medium. Further, after a few days, the embryo is transferred to the womb of the woman, where he, if a favorable outcome, takes root and develops a full-fledged pregnancy .

How to save IVF pregnancy? The worried patients ask this question, because it is not easy. According to statistics, the birth rate reaches an average of 60 to 85% of cases, but the remaining pregnancies are broken for various reasons, this occurs in the first trimester to 14 weeks.

IVF pregnancy is interrupted, both in the form of miscarriage - the expulsion of the fetal egg, and in the form of a stiff pregnancy, while maintaining the fetal egg in the uterus itself.

Failures such as a fetal pregnancy with IVF or miscarriage cause causes such as embryonic (genetic - embryonic developmental disorders) or maternal factor (hormonal disruption and health, large age of the mother, improper pregnancy after IVF by the doctor.) Also, the cause of miscarriage immune conflict.

IVF pregnancy is used by women who have somatic and reproductive disorders.

Artificial stimulation of superovulation creates a certain hormonal shift in the female body, and this affects the bearing of the fetus. For the realization of hormonal support of the female body it is worth constantly determining in the blood the composition of the two main hormones that are responsible for the safety of pregnancy: progesterone and estradiol. In our case, estradiol acts as an indicator of the presence or absence of the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

After the transfer in the first days of the embryo, as well as implantation, the estradiol level itself is kept in the range of 5000 to 10,000 pmol / l, and progesterone is kept from 100 to 150 nmol / l.

IVF pregnancy is maintained using oral and vaginal hormones Duphaston (pellets), as well as progesterone, like oil injections. What drug to choose when IVF pregnancy depends on the condition of the woman.

A sufficient level of estradiol is kept with the drug Estrofem or Proginova, and the plaster "Klimara", as well as the gel "Divigel". The doctor prescribes all the medications individually.

To create an embryonic immune relationship, take Dexamethasone or Cortisol.

ECO pregnancy is supported by drugs necessary for life activity for women if it is associated with her personal illnesses. Prescribe pregnant folic acid (400 mcg per day), antihypoxicant vitamins.

IVF pregnancy is also often supported aspirin.

Pregnancy after IVF is administered by a doctor, appoints ultrasound after 3 weeks, when you actually see a fetal egg, give an assessment of the ovaries. Ultrasound is performed every week, assessing the location of the embryo. Observation allows you to quickly identify the threat of miscarriage, determine the status of the uterine cavity and take timely measures.

But the responsibility for her health is not removed from the woman, she must first of all watch her feelings: pain, raspiranie, bloody secretions and inform the doctor.

IVF pregnancies, twins, and triples or more often lead to 50% of miscarriages in the early stages. Therefore, resort to such a method of conservation as the reduction of the fetus - remove the fetus from the uterus, without touching the other or twins. But it happens that after IVF the organism itself carries out the reduction of several fruits, leaving one that develops further фото эко беременности

After IVF, signs of pregnancy

After extracorporeal fertilization swell, and the mammary glands are enlarged in sensitivity, the nipples of the nipple darken, fatigue, weakness, irritability, toxicosis and becomes very bad in pregnancy , as after normal fertilization. Toxicosis after IVF always accompanies a woman, but only more strongly pronounced: nausea, aversion to food, smells, repeated vomiting per day.

After IVF, the signs of pregnancy have a great variety, manifest differently physiologically and psychologically. Many women have a higher basal temperature. This is normal, because there is a restructuring of the body. Physiologically, the mother will feel and tingle in the lower abdomen, the lower abdomen during pregnancy can also significantly hurt.

Often the future mother complains that the loin hurts during pregnancy , disturbs the lumbago, which is given to the feet, there are digestive disorders, as well as gases. This situation is caused by increased blood flow to the small pelvis, as well as an increase in the uterus.

The future mommy after IVF for a while should take hormonal drugs, and this in turn is expressed in lowering blood pressure. To the attributes we attribute the tossing to heat, and then to the cold; face redness.

The next sign after IVF is restless sleep, fatigue is faster than usual, falls asleep early, and then the pregnant woman wakes up. After a dream does not feel slept, and the presence of apathy does not let go. To all this is added and unpleasant symptoms

Symptoms of pregnancy after IVF

Symptoms include hypotension , dizziness , headache , moodiness, mood disorders ( pregnancy and depression ). Danger and complexity is in the initial period of pregnancy after IVF. At this time, especially it is necessary to be observant to yourself and about all changes to inform the gynecologist. All the unpleasant symptoms that have appeared will recede to the second trimester of pregnancy.

Children born after in vitro fertilization are the most desired and loved ones. The life of these kids is filled with joy, and parents do everything for their successful development and health.