Diet for allergies

диета при аллергии фото If a person has absolutely any disease of an allergic nature, he must definitely observe certain norms of food intake, as non-observance of the basic principles of a diet for allergies can entail joining allergies to foods and seriously exacerbating the severity of the underlying disease. The diet for allergies in children always pursues two goals: the elimination of causative allergens triggering the development of the disease and a reduction in the body's nutritional load.

: сенсибилизация – первая встреча иммунной защиты человека с провоцирующим аллергеном, после которой организм начинает выработку к нему антител), причем питание может быть как лечебным, так и профилактическим. In case of allergic diseases, the peculiarities of therapeutic nutrition are always determined by the increased risk of developing food sensitization ( For reference : sensitization is the first meeting of human immune defense with a provoking allergen, after which the body starts producing antibodies to it), and the nutrition can be both curative and preventive. In a patient predisposed to allergic manifestations, a diet with minimal sensitizing properties is prescribed to prevent food sensitization. Thanks to this diet reduces the likelihood of exacerbation of the underlying disease and reduces the risk of food allergy. This diet is called hypoallergenic.

In the event that the patient has already formed a food allergy , the application of a therapeutic diet is shown, in which a complete elimination of all food allergens from the daily diet is added to the hypoallergenic diet. In order to maximally establish all food allergens, the patient is recommended to keep a special diary. When all possible allergens have been established and allergy symptoms have completely disappeared, allergies one at a time, gradually begin to introduce into the diet an allergy-provoking product, first in microscopic doses, which then, as the allergen reaction is not started, begin to increase. Over time, triggering the allergic reaction of the allergen until recently, is completely introduced into the patient's diet. After a certain period of time, you can begin to do similar manipulations with the following allergen, and so on

Diet during an exacerbation of allergies

First of all, for one or two days, a full fasting is recommended, at which the use of the order of one and a half liters of liquid is allowed (for children of the first year of life, the liquid is limited to one liter). After that, according to individual indications, for a period of one to five days, a specially developed diet is prescribed, which includes food products provoking the development of an allergic reaction in exceptional cases.

Allowed products: soups (vegetarian and cereal on vegetable broths), bread products (gray and wheat bread of yesterday's baking), cereals (cooked without butter and buckwheat and oatmeal milk). Eating is recommended at least 6 times a day

Diet in Relaxation of Allergy Symptoms

: супы (крупяные и вегетарианские на овощных отварах, нежирный мясной суп, свекольник, щи, борщ), хлебные изделия (вчерашний серый и пшеничный хлеб, несладкие и несдобные печенья и булочные изделия), блюда из мяса (птица тушеная, запеченная или отварная, говядина или нежирная телятина), молочные изделия (молоко, кефир, простокваша, некислый творог, сметана, ацидофильное молоко), блюда из яиц (омлет из одного яйца, или 1 яйцо всмятку), напитки (минеральная и питьевая вода, слабые кофе или чай с молоком), каши, сухие/свежие ягоды и Allowed products : soups (cereals and vegetarian on vegetable broths, low-fat meat soup, beetroot, soup, borsch), bread products (yesterday's gray and wheat bread, unsweetened and uneaten cookies and baked goods), meat dishes (poultry stew, baked or boiled or beef veal), dairy products (milk, yogurt, curdled milk, non-acid curd, sour cream, acidophilic milk), egg dishes (omelet from one egg, or 1 soft-boiled egg), drinks (mineral and potable water, weak coffee or tea with milk), porridge, dry / fresh berries and fruit, unsweetened casseroles from cereals, pasta.

: любые изделия из горячего и/или сдобного теста, пищевые добавки, пищевые красители, почки, печень, мозги, легкие; Prohibited products : any products made from hot and / or dough, food additives, food colorings, kidneys, liver, brains, lungs; any marinades, smoking and salting; fish and meat canned food; products of deep freezing; alcohol, ice cream, cocoa, chocolate, drinks.

следует кондитерские изделия, а также сладкие блюда (варенье, конфеты, мед, сахар). The maximum limit should be confectionery, as well as sweet dishes (jam, candy, honey, sugar). Take food recommended at least four times a day

Diet for pollen allergy to weeds

: любые супы, хлебные изделия (ржаной, серый и пшеничный хлеб, печенья и булочные изделия), любые блюда из яиц, блюда из мяса (тушеная, отварная, запеченная птица, телятина или нежирная говядина), молочные изделия (молоко, некислый творог, сметана, ацидофильное молоко, кефир, ряженка, простокваша), макаронные изделия, запеканки из круп, каши, бобовые (чечевица, горох, фасоль), овощи (брокколи, кольраби, цветная и белокочанная капуста, огурец, редис, редька, свекла, картофель), напитки (газированные и фруктовые напитки, минеральна Allowed products : any soups, bread products (rye, gray and wheat bread, biscuits and buns), any dishes from eggs, meat dishes (stewed, boiled, baked poultry, veal or low-fat beef), dairy products (milk, non-acidic cottage cheese, sour cream, acidophilic milk, kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt), pasta, casseroles, cereals, legumes (lentils, peas, beans), vegetables (broccoli, kohlrabi, cauliflower, cucumber, radish, radish, beetroot , potatoes), drinks (carbonated and fruit drinks, mineral I and drinking water, weak coffee and tea with milk).

: подсолнечное масло, халва, мед, сельдерей, персик, арбуз, дыня, семечки, травяные сборы с включением мать-и-мачехи, календулы и ромашки. Prohibited products : sunflower oil, halva, honey, celery, peach, watermelon, melon, seeds, herbal collections with the inclusion of mother-and-stepmother, marigold and chamomile.

: кондитерские и сладкие блюда (варенье, конфеты, сахар и пр.), пищевые добавки и красители, маринады, копчения, соления, алкоголь, мороженое, какао, шоколад, холодные напитки, копченые колбасы It is recommended to limit the following products : confectionery and sweet dishes (jam, candy, sugar, etc.), food additives and dyes, marinades, smoked, salted, alcohol, ice cream, cocoa, chocolate, cold drinks, smoked sausages

Diet for allergies to pollen meadow grasses

: блюда из мяса (тушеная, запеченая, отварная птица, телятина или нежирная говядина), супы (вегетарианские, нежирный мясной суп, борщ, свекольник, щи из свежей капусты), молочные продукты (некислый творог, сметана, ацидофильное молоко, кефир, простокваша, молоко), блюда из яиц (не более одного яйца в сутки), любые овощи и фрукты, бобовые (чечевица, горох, фасоль), напитки (газированные и фруктовые напитки, минеральная и питьевая вода, слабый кофе и чай с молоком). Allowed products : meat dishes (stewed, baked, boiled pork, veal or lean beef), soups (vegetarian, lean meat soup, borsch, beetroot, cabbage soup), dairy products (non-acid curd, sour cream, acidophilus milk, kefir , yogurt, milk), dishes from eggs (not more than one egg per day), any vegetables and fruits, beans (lentils, peas, beans), drinks (carbonated and fruit drinks, mineral and drinking water, weak coffee and tea with milk ).

: пшеничная мука, пшеница, мед, проросшая пшеницы, манная крупа, отруби, мясные продукты с наполнителями (мясные консервы, сосиски, копченые и вареные колбасы), панировочные сухари, пшеничная водка, виски, пиво, основанные на пшенице заменители кофе. Prohibited products : wheat flour, wheat, honey, sprouted wheat, semolina, bran, meat products with fillers (canned meat, sausages, smoked and boiled sausages), breadcrumbs, wheat vodka, whiskey, beer, wheat-based coffee substitutes.

: кондитерские и сладкие блюда (варенье, конфеты, сахар и пр.), пищевые добавки и красители, алкоголь, мороженое, какао, шоколад, копченые колбасы, маринады, соления, копчения Products recommended for restriction : confectionery and sweet dishes (jam, candy, sugar, etc.), food additives and dyes, alcohol, ice cream, cocoa, chocolate, smoked sausages, marinades, pickles, smoking

Diet for allergies to pollen trees

Permitted food products: any bakery products, dishes and soups from meat (poultry, veal, lean beef), any dishes from eggs, dairy products (non-acid curd, sour cream, kefir, fermented milk, acidophilus milk, curdled milk, milk), pasta, casseroles and cereals, legumes (peas, lentils, kidney beans), vegetables (tomato, cucumber, radish, radish, beets, old potatoes), drinks (mineral and drinking water, weak coffee and tea with milk).

: коньяк, березовый сок, молодой картофель, клубника, черешня, абрикос, персик, вишня, орехи, яблоки, мед. Prohibited products : cognac, birch sap, young potatoes, strawberries, cherries, apricots, peaches, cherries, nuts, apples, honey. In addition, drugs that contain plant remedies such as alder cones and birch buds are prohibited.

: кондитерские изделия, сладкие блюда, алкоголь, мороженое, шоколад, какао, холодные напитки, маринады, копчения, копченые колбасы, пищевые добавки и красители Limit should be products such as : confectionery, sweet food, alcohol, ice cream, chocolate, cocoa, cold drinks, marinades, smoked products, smoked sausages, food additives and dyes

Diet for allergies to cow's milk

: отвары и бульоны с разрешенными продуктами, бобовые, орехи, яйца, любые фрукты и овощи, богатые белком продукты (все сорта мяса, птицы, рыбы; не содержащие молока мясные и колбасные консервы, печень, почки, ветчина), блюда из круп (не содержащие молока и сливочного масла макаронные изделия, запеканки из круп, каши), хлебобулочные изделия (венские, итальянские и французские булки; ржаной хлеб, не содержащий молока пшеничный хлеб), напитки (любые овощные и фруктовые соки без сливок и молока, газированные напитки, питьевая вод Permitted products : decoctions and broths with permitted products, legumes, nuts, eggs, any fruits and vegetables, protein-rich foods (all sorts of meat, poultry, fish, meat and sausage, meat, liver, kidney, ham), dishes from cereals (milk and butter-free pasta, casseroles, cereals), bakery products (Viennese, Italian and French rolls, rye bread, wheat-free wheat bread), drinks (any vegetable and fruit juices without cream and milk, carbonated drinks, drinking water and weak tea).

: коровье молоко и продукты его содержащие (алкогольные напитки и молочные коктейли со сливками, какао с молоком, сухие молочные смеси, йогурты, хлебобулочные изделия с добавлением ингредиентов молока, сливочное масло, сыр, мороженое, гидролизат казеина, казеин, маргарин, лактоза, творог, молочная сыворотка, сухое молоко) Excluded foods : cow's milk and its products (alcoholic drinks and milkshakes with cream, cocoa with milk, dry milk mixtures, yoghurts, bakery products with the addition of milk ingredients, butter, cheese, ice cream, casein hydrolyzate, casein, margarine, lactose , cottage cheese, whey, milk powder)

Diet for fish allergies

: заправленные входящими в перечень разрешенными продуктами отвары и бульоны; Permitted products : filled with decoctions and broths included in the list of permitted products; high-protein foods (legumes, nuts, mushrooms, canned fish, liver, kidneys, ham, meat of animals and poultry of all sorts), any bakery products, any fruits and vegetables, any cereals, any dairy products, foods with high content sucrose (halva, candy, chocolate, treacle, marmalade, confiture, jam, etc.), drinks (any alcohol, any vegetable and fruit juices, carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, drinking water).

: рыба и рыбопродукты в абсолютно любых проявлениях; It is forbidden : fish and fish products in absolutely any forms; products containing components of fish (fish oil, bone meal, caviar, etc.).

– приступы аллергии на рыбу очень часто развиваются у предрасположенных к данному виду аллергии людей после наклеивания почтовых марок вследствие облизывания их языком. I want to emphasize the special attention - attacks of fish allergy very often develop in people predisposed to this type of allergy after gluing stamps because of licking their tongue. This is due to the fact that the glue applied to the back of the mark is most often made from fish bones

Diet for egg allergy

: заправленные разрешенными продуктами отвары и бульоны, высокобелковые продукты (орехи, бобовые, не содержащие яиц в любых проявлениях мясные и колбасные консервы, грибы, печень, почки, мясо птицы, рыба, мясо всех сортов), любые молочные продукты, любые фрукты и овощи, хлебобулочные изделия (ржаной и пшеничный несдобный хлеб, не содержащее яичного альбумина, яичного белка и яиц печенье), блюда из круп (не содержащие компонентов яиц макаронные изделия, запеканки из круп, каши), жиры (не содержащий яиц майонез, заправки для с Permitted products : broths and broths filled with permitted products, high-protein foods (nuts, legumes, eggs, meat, sausage, mushrooms, liver, kidneys, poultry, fish, meat of all sorts), any dairy products, any fruit and vegetables, bakery products (rye and wheat uneaten bread, not containing egg albumin, egg whites and eggs, cookies), dishes from cereals (eggs, pasta, casseroles, cereals), fats (egg-free mayonnaise, dressings for c alats from vinegar and vegetable oil, vegetable oil, cream, margarine, butter), foods high in sucrose (based on corn syrup caramel, hard caramel, marmalade, confiture, jam, molasses, honey), drinks (any vegetable and fruit juices, carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, drinking water.

: птичьи яйца и продукты их содержащие, майонез, блюда из яиц, торты, кексы, содержащие яйца молочные коктейли, какао, безалкогольные и алкогольные напитки с добавлением яиц, содержащие яйца любые сдобные и кондитерские хлебобулочные изделия. It is forbidden to eat : bird eggs and products containing them, mayonnaise, egg dishes, cakes, muffins, eggs containing milk cocktails, cocoa, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages with eggs, containing eggs, any bread and pastry bakery products.

In conclusion, I want to add - if it so happened that the allergy is still overtaken, it is not worth much upsetting, as at the moment on our planet quite happily live millions of people with this disease. It is just necessary to adapt to a new rhythm of life, to go through the therapy prescribed by a doctor in a timely manner and to adhere strictly to a diet for allergies. In addition, we must try not to buy genetically modified food. To date, the market provides about one hundred and twenty species of genetically modified plants (potatoes, peppers, cucumber, pumpkin, cotton, rice, corn, soy, etc.). Scientists from all over the world warn, without hiding, about the allergenicity of these modified products, but despite this, transgenic proteins are very widely used in confectionery, sausages, baby food (even made for newborns!) And beverages. To date, in Russia alone, more than three hundred such products are on display. Proceeding from this, it is possible to state with full certainty that, apparently, it is no coincidence that allergic children in Russia have tripled in the last five years.