ксантелазма фото Xantelasm is a new formation of a flat ovoid form of yellow color, localized on the face, mainly in the paraorbital region. This pathology can be observed as an independent disease, and in this case it is represented by a single plaque, Read the full entry »


короста фото Korosta is a contagious disease of the dermatological profile that occurs as a result of skin lesions by a specific parasite, namely, a scabie mite. The primary way of infection is "contact", through the skin from a person who is the carrier of the scab, and this pathology is characterized by a high indicator of contagiousness. Read the rest of this entry »


акроцианоз фото Acrocyanosis is a change in the color of the skin on the distal parts of the trunk, which acquire a bluish tinge. At the heart of the pathogenesis of acrocyanosis development is the disturbance of blood flow along the microcirculatory bed at the level of the arterial capillary network in the thickness of the skin. Read the rest of this entry »

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

синдром стивенса джонсона фото Stevens-Johnson syndrome is an extremely serious serious disease, which is considered to be a subspecies of allergic effects, as most often it is thanks to them that the disease develops. This anomaly is quite shocking to the body, since Read the entire entry »


ксероз фото Skin conjunctival is the abnormal dryness of the skin due to hypo-secretion of the sebaceous glands, which is usually the cause of a sufficiently strong itch, and sometimes some infectious skin diseases. In some cases, xerosis is the initial stage of development of ichthyosis, but more often than not. Read the full entry »

Cracks in the skin

трещины на коже пальцев фото Cracks in the skin are even defects that result from the loss of elasticity in the skin area. Cracks are formed usually in areas with increased folding of the skin or its increased tension (corners of the mouth, skin of hands, heel area, anus of the anus, in the area of ​​large folds). Read the rest of this entry »


чирей фото Chirai is an acute process of inflammation of a purulent-necrotic nature, which begins at the very beginning of the hair follicle with a transition to the tissues surrounding it. At not absolutely correct therapy of chirja, there can be a flood of inflammatory Read the full post »

Sweating at infants

потница у грудничка фото Sweating in the baby is a localized or generalized rash of bright pink color on the skin, developing after exposure to the skin at high temperatures, leading to excessive sweating. Read the full entry »