Depression after a divorce

депрессия после развода фото Depression due to divorce causes a lot of unpleasant moments for both spouses: experiences, discomfort, settlement of housing issues, nervous division of property, parting with children and other moments. Read the rest of this entry »

Depression after parting

депрессия после расставания фото Acquaintance, encounter, love, turning into a strong sense of affection and love, and then a sudden break and unexpected prolonged depression after parting with a loved one, which, for sure, experienced in his life every lover. Read the rest of this entry »


депрессия фото A person is a biological, social being and wholly dependent on the society. Man is constantly in interaction with people - life, work, family, leisure. If the chain is broken and the person ceases to feel like a part of the society, his plans, hopes, happen, happen, life is broken, he breaks down and does not always psychologically manage himself with the life situation and as a result he falls ill ... Read the rest of this entry »

Endogenous depression

эндогенная депрессия фото Endogenous (circular) depression is a disorder of the psyche, for which daily, seasonal, and other mood swings are characteristic for no apparent reason. A distinctive feature of the sick is low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts especially in the mornings. Эндогенное состояние у заболевшего Read the rest of this entry »

Bipolar Depression

биполярная депрессия Bipolar depression or manic disorder, as believed before by the luminaries of medicine, is a genetic disease characterized by a sharp affective state with mood swings and sleep disorders, hallucinations, nervous breakdowns leading to disorientation and insanity. Read the rest of this entry »

Neurotic depression

невротическая депрессия Neurotic depression is a mental emotional disorder in which protracted forms of neurosis dominate. In medical practice, neurotic disorder is understood as a non-psychotic, personal, reactive (situational) and non-endogenic state. Neurotic depression acts in a complex of anxious-depressive, hypochondriac-depressive, asthenodepressive, and also phobic-depressive syndromes. Read the rest of this entry »

Chronic depression

хроническая депрессия Chronic depression (dysthymia) is a prolonged mental mild disorder, in which signs of depression are manifested for several years. Sufferers of this disorder constantly feel unhappy, sadness has deeply settled in their heart. Read the rest of this entry »

Postpartum Depression

послеродовая депрессия Postpartum depression in women is a disease that occurs in the first months after childbirth and is characterized by changes in mental behavior caused by various psychotraumatic factors. At present, this condition is a huge problem for health authorities (the indicator in the region is 15% of all women who gave birth). Read the rest of this entry »