пилоростеноз фото Pylorostenosis is the narrowing of the lumen of the ventricular outlet - the gatekeeper. A narrow gatekeeper prevents the passage of food masses into the 12-colon, there is a delay in food in the stomach, with its overflow begins profuse vomiting. At first it brings relief, however in the future Read the entire entry »


гепатомегалия фото Hepatomegaly is a physiological or pathological increase in the metric parameters of the liver, manifested diffusely or localized and not in all situations accompanied by damage to the hepatocytes. Hepatomegalia liver can Read the full entry »


гепатоспленомегалия фото Hepatosplenomegaly is a simultaneous increase in the parameters of the spleen and liver, which have a common way of outflow of the lymphatic fluid, venous blood and innervation. In fact, in their practice, doctors do not use the diagnosis of "hepatosplenomegaly", since Read the entire entry »


холестаз фото Cholestasis is a pathological condition in which there is a decrease in the secretion of bile in the small intestine that results from a violation of its production or excretion. Depending on the etiopathogenetic mechanisms Read the full entry »


ректоцеле фото Rectocele is the prolapse of the pelvic organs with the formation of a diverticuloid-like volumetric protrusion of the rectum wall in the direction of the vagina. The complexity of this disease is not so much a disturbed relationship between the structures of the perineum, but in violation of the basic evacuation function of the rectum. Read the rest of this entry »


лимфаденопатия фото Lymphadenopathy is an increase in size, as well as a change in the shape of one or a whole group of lymph nodes of different genesis. In most episodes, lymphadenopathy is only a manifestation of the underlying background disease, but without qualitative diagnostic read the full entry »


хобл фото COPD is a common pathology of the bronchopulmonary apparatus, manifested by irreversible changes in the distal parts of the respiratory tract due to an obstructive type, resulting from prolonged exposure. Read the full entry »


анасарка фото Anasarka is a diffuse puffiness of soft tissues with predominant localization in the lower half of the trunk, which appears as a consequence of other diseases and has a progressive course. Excess of the liquid component in the ansarck is observed not only in the form of a subcutaneous localized reading. Read the rest of this entry »