Myocardial ischemia

ишемия миокарда фото Ischemia of the myocardium is an acute or continuous inconsistency of myocardial needs in oxygen and nutrients to the magnitude of coronary blood flow. The frequency of occurrence of myocardial ischemia in the world practice of cardiologists is distinguished by high rates and, unfortunately, the percentage of death from this pathology is also Read the full entry »

Aortic insufficiency

аортальная недостаточность фото Aortic insufficiency is a pathological abnormal movement of the connective tissue valves of the aortic valve, which results in the development of a marked reverse blood flow under a high pressure gradient in the cavity. Read the full entry »

Insufficient aortic valve

недостаточность аортального клапана фото Aortic valve failure is the pathological movement of the aortic valve structures, which results in the development of marked regurgitation of the blood flow into the left ventricular cavity from the aortic lumen during diastole. Read the rest of this entry »

Severe palpitations

сильное сердцебиение фото A strong heartbeat is an individual sensation of the accelerated rhythm of the heart, the cause of which can be the occurrence of premature, and sometimes additional, contractile impulses of the myocardium. A noteworthy fact is, Read the entire entry »

Myocardial dystrophy

миокардиодистрофия фото Myocardial dystrophy is a non-inflammatory, non-degenerative lesion of the myocardial layer of the heart, the pathogenesis of which is based on metabolic disturbances in cardiomyocytes, accompanied by a significant decrease in not only the intensity but also the regularity of the heart. Read the rest of this entry »

Heart attack

сердечный приступ фото A heart attack is a sudden arisen circulatory failure of the myocardial layer of the heart, the formation of which is caused by thrombotic or spastic lesions of the vessels of the coronary segment followed by necrotizing myocardium in the trophic lesion zone. Read the rest of this entry »

Atherosclerotic Heart Disease

атеросклеротическая болезнь сердца фото Atherosclerotic heart disease is a chronic, slow, pathological change in the coronary arteries that results from the occlusion of their lumen until complete obturation due to the formation of cholesteric layers. The result of the above Read the full entry »

Cardiac cough

сердечный кашель фото Cardiac cough is a conditional medical term that reflects the development of various degrees of respiratory disorders in cardiac patients. In a separate clinical symptom cough of cardiac origin is allocated to this day due to the fact that its occurrence in a patient suffering from heart disease Read the full entry »