Perthes disease

болезнь пертеса фото Perthes disease (osteochondropathy of the hip joint, osteochondropathy of the head of the thigh bone) is the most common hip joint disease in children from three to fourteen years old, which is the most common in this reading. Read the rest of this entry »

Hoff's disease

болезнь гоффа фото Hoff's disease (lipoarthritis) is the degeneration of the surrounding knee joint of adipose tissue, manifested by restriction of joint mobility, crunching, swelling, discomfort, pain and lameness. In the absence of timely competent treatment of Goff's disease, the "fat pad" ceases to fulfill its buffer function and the disease progressively Read the full entry »

König's disease

фото болезни кенига König's disease is a type of osteochondropathy, which most often affects young men between the ages of fifteen and thirty (sometimes older and younger patients are found). This condition is characterized by a limited area of ​​necrosis of the region of the inner condyle of the thigh (articular cartilage + adherent bone tissue). With this disease covering the bones Read the full entry »

Shinz's disease

болезнь шинца фото Shinz disease is a fairly common disease of people who engage in sports and / or lead an active lifestyle. Such a way of life in terms of getting injuries and problems with the tendons and limbs has a lot of risks, but without movement and sports is fully Read the full entry »


тендинит фото Tendonitis is the inflammation of tendon tissues, usually seen in the area of ​​attachment of the tendon to the bone. Quite often this disease is combined with an inflammatory lesion of the tendon sheath or tendon bag and can manifest itself in the form of ordinary mild pain, which often appears from overwork. However, unlike tendinitis, simple muscle pain is a temporary enough phenomenon, whereas painful manifestations at a given read the entire entry »


тендовагинит фото Tendovaginitis is a chronic or acute inflammation of connective tissue membranes surrounding the tendon. Most often this disease develops in the Achilles tendon (Achilles bursitis), ankle, foot, forearm (ulnar and radial tenobursitis), wrist and hand. Tendovaginity mainly became known through the defeat of the hands of many famous Read the full post »


эпикондилит фото Epicondylitis is a degenerative-inflammatory lesion of tissues surrounding the elbow joint that accompanies reactive inflammation of neighboring tissues and intense pain syndrome. Clinically, this disease is divided into the outer epicondylitis of the shoulder (it is also called the "tennis elbow"), the most commonly encountered and the internal epicondylitis of the shoulder (epitrochleitis). Read the rest of this entry »


периартрит фото Periarthritis is a degenerative inflammatory lesion of the periarticular tissues (serous bags, ligaments, tendons) around large joints, usually occurring in people over forty years of age (in women, this disease occurs more often). The most common form is the periarthritis of the shoulder joint - the humeropathy periarthritis. Read the rest of this entry »