сифилис Syphilis is a classic sexually transmitted disease (Venereal disease), caused by Treponema pallidum (pale treponema). Syphilis is characterized by a fairly slow progressive course with periods of exacerbation, which are replaced Read more »

Venereal lymphogranulomatosis

Венерический лимфогранулематоз Venereal lymphogranulomatosis (venereal lymphopathy, venereal lymphogranuloma, tropical bubo) is a chronic infectious disease, mostly sexually transmitted and characterized by soft tissue damage to the urogenital area and read the full entry »

Urogenital shigellosis of homosexuals

урогенитальный шигеллез гомосексуалистов Urogenital shigellosis of homosexuals is a fairly rare sexually transmitted disease caused by shigella (there are about 50 species in nature). Shigella - microorganisms that live in the rectum and large intestine of a person, without causing him any special anxiety, however Read the full entry »

Genital Warts

Genital warts (genital warts, pointed warts) is a sexually transmitted virus that is characterized by the appearance of fleshy soft warts of corporal color on the skin of the perineum and the external genitalia. Acute condylomata require Read the rest of this entry »


трихомониаз Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis) is the most common infection in the world, which is sexually transmitted, caused by the vaginal trichomonas Trichomonas vaginalis. According to the statistical data of the World Read the full entry »


Уреаплазмоз Ureaplasmosis is a chronic disease-prone disease caused by a unicellular microorganism Ureaplasma urealyticum. This causative agent is related to conditionally pathogenic microorganisms due to the fact that it is capable of causing an inflammatory disease of the genitourinary organs only under certain conditions, or in combination with other similar opportunistic microorganisms. Read the rest of this entry »


Мягкий шанкр Soft chancre (chancroid, venereal ulcer) is an acute infectious inflammatory disease transmitted exclusively by the sexual way, manifested by multiple painful ulcers at the site of implantation, as well as by inflammation of the peripheral lymph nodes. This disease is widespread in countries with subtropical and tropical Read the full entry »


цитомегаловирус Cytomegalovirus - an infectious disease of the family of herpesviruses, the causative agent of which is the bacterium Cytomegalovirus Hominis. This disease affects people of both sexes and affects men on the tissue of the testicles and urethra, and in women on the cervix and the uterus

Заражение цитомегаловирусом Read the rest of this entry »