Boka in Pregnancy

болят бока при беременности фото Pregnancy is a difficult time for women and often with the increase in the period of pregnancy, physical problems increase, namely, the sides begin to ache during pregnancy. This problem arises because of the growth of the baby, which becomes very tight in the tummy of the mother. The pain is passing and wandering. First, the right side worries during pregnancy, and after a while the left side begins to hurt during pregnancy. But it happens, when the situation is aggravated and this is not just a tingling due to the growth of the baby. Let's take a closer look at the causes of what is happening and describe the nature of pain in the sides during pregnancy.

Remember that a sharp pain in the side is an alarm bell, and especially, it is dangerous for prolonged pain up to 30 minutes. In such a painful situation, you should not delay the visit to the gynecologist, but if you feel worse, when you are concerned about uncomfortable pain with your side, call an ambulance. In this situation, you will be given a test at different doctors (gynecologist, gastroenterologist, infectious diseases specialist, surgeon) and find out the cause of the pains in the sides.

But you for yourself should clearly identify the symptoms of your painful sensations, as well as the location of localization. And for this you need to know about the schematic division of the abdomen into four parts. This is the right upper segment - in the right side from above, then the upper left segment - in the left side from above; further the right lower segment - in the right side from below; further the left bottom segment - from below in the left side.

If pain occurs in the right side, organs such as the gallbladder, liver, part of the intestine, and also the right side of the diaphragm are susceptible to the top. If it occurs in this area, the pain indicates a trauma or a disease that occurred in this place. These include hepatitis or inflammation of the liver, as well as diseases of the gallbladder and pancreas. When there is pain in the pancreas, the attack is accompanied by severe nausea, profuse perspiration and vomiting. It seems that the pain gives a tingling sensation in the back. Infection, as well as poor liver function; The stones in the gallbladder are often to blame for the painful sensations in the right side from above. Sometimes it happens that the onset of pain in the right side is affected by kidney pathology. The load on the kidneys increases with the growth of the abdomen. Take an additional examination if you have previously had such a pathology plan. With such an infection you can not joke. It is very dangerous for the future baby and you.

With pain in the left side, the stomach, intestinal loops, spleen, pancreas, and also the left part of the diaphragm, are in danger at the top. The work of the spleen is enclosed in the removal from the blood of red blood cells and is located close to the surface of the body. In certain diseases, the spleen increases in size, which causes severe pain. If the condition worsens, a rupture of the spleen occurs. In this situation, severe pain and skin in the navel region becomes blue.

But it should be remembered that pain in the sides during pregnancy can carry a diverse character. For example, the pain localized in the left side from above has a close connection with stomach diseases ( gastritis , dyspepsia , peptic ulcer , gastric cancer ), but may have the character of a diaphragmatic hernia disease. It happens that the pain in the left upper square is given by the pancreas, while having a wandering character.

Persistent pain in pregnancy located in the right flank from the bottom may indicate an inflammation of the appendix, ureter or fallopian tubes. When appendicitis occurs, pain increases with time. It is possible that the sides during pregnancy become ill with infections that have been sexually transmitted, as well as at the time of rupture of the cyst or ovarian tumors.

But it should not be ruled out that in the early stages of the side during pregnancy can be sick, if there is an ectopic pregnancy . болит бок при беременности

Localized pain giving to the left side from below during pregnancy speaks about the presence of problems the same as below in the right side, but appendicitis should be excluded from this list.

At later terms, the sides during pregnancy begin to ache a lot, give off a feeling of heaviness, and also burst out on the right side of the hypochondrium. Often - it speaks of dyskinesia of the gallbladder, as well as bile ducts, which is likely to contribute to the development of the inflammatory process, as well as stone formation. At the same time, dyskinesia can act as a manifestation of cholelithiasis or chronic cholecystitis, and also as an abnormality of the development of the biliary tract.

It can not be ruled out that the onset of pain in the pancreas region is simply provoked by the special condition of the pregnant woman. The very activity of a woman during this period is reduced, and the internal organs slow down their functioning. For example, the uterus relaxes under the action of progesterone, and with it and other organs (gall bladder, etc.).

Boca during pregnancy begin to hurt with insufficient work, as well as emptying the gallbladder. The growth of dyskinesia can occur for mechanical reasons: the growing uterus, the pressure of the fetus on the organs of the chest cavity, as well as the liver or gall bladder. As a result, the usual process of bile secretion is disrupted, and the pain itself often comes with nausea, lack of appetite, the presence of bitterness in the mouth, as well as belching, heartburn or bloating. The very nature of pain in the liver and gall bladder is blunt, and also aching.

Boka during pregnancy can hurt so much that they give in the back and the subcostal area. Pain in the sides during pregnancy increases in moments of stirring crumbs and overeating by a woman during meals. Remember this! And, of course, watch your food. To all this, pains localized in the heart, numbness of the fingers, headaches , sweating, insomnia can join. And the diagnosis is the vegetative crisis ( Hypotonia ). In this case, do not delay, because without the help of doctors can not do. Preventive measures are as follows: change the diet, rest and work, take away stressful situations and only positive emotions will help to cope with this condition.

Thus, you are convinced that the sides of pregnancy hurt for various reasons. Listen constantly to your new feelings and, of course, try to understand the cause of this unpleasant condition. Take care of yourself and the easiest pregnancy for you

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