беременность женщины Pregnancy of a woman is a miracle of the birth of a new life, a new cell that turns into a little man. The duration of pregnancy of a woman is 9 months, but in medical practice practice pregnancy counting by weeks. The path of the birth of a new life until the birth of a child lasts 40 weeks. Calculate the pregnancy (the day of conception) simply: add to the date of the last 14 month's period and you will get the date of ovulation, but this is provided that your cycle is stable and no more than 28 days. Doctors consider the date of ovulation as the day of conception. Recall that ovulation is the output of a matured ovum that is capable of fertilization alone. And how correctly to calculate the day of childbirth? It is necessary to add to the date of the last monthly period 9 months, as well as 14 days. For example, the last time you had a month was on September 1. This means that ovulation occurred on September 15, and the expected birth of a child falls on June 15. This date can not be passed, as the child's repetition will be very harmful to the health of the future mother and baby. The transferred child can be born thin with a greenish-yellow skin color, with overgrown nails and scaly skin. The lack of incoming oxygen through the placenta will lead to hypoxia, and hence the problems in the neural development of the child and mental retardation.

Pregnancy of a woman is divided into three stages. The first is a restructuring of the whole organism. The second is a bookmark and adjustment of a small organism for development and growth. And the third is the preparation of a little man to be born.

Every day of pregnancy the expectant mother contributes to the physical and psychological well-being of her baby. This is a well-organized regime of the day, balanced nutrition and rest, the implementation of hygiene procedures. In our turbulent times, many mothers decide on the first birth after 30 years, and this is fraught with consequences, both for the baby and the mother. After all, women, whose age has crossed the 35-year threshold, have an increased risk of developing and developing chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus. This risk increases if there were children with congenital anomalies in the genus of the woman. One of the chromosomal diseases is Down syndrome . This pathology is very common and if you are not sure that trouble passes you, then go to a specialist - genetics before you get pregnant. Pregnancy after 40 years threatens with increased production of anti-insulin hormones, which lead to gestational diabetes. To prevent a possible disease, you need to consult a nutritionist. Old pregnant women risk adding hypertension to the list of their diagnoses, which in turn provokes the appearance of pre-eclampsia (late toxicosis). As a result, a limited amount of blood will flow to the fetus, which will provoke premature birth. It is difficult for pregnant women to have a full pregnancy: on the verge of constant interruption due to hypertension and various complications. And the older the woman, the more genetic anomalies will arise in the fetus, which will lead to miscarriages. Therefore, the optimal age for pregnancy ranges from 21 to 26 years. And in order for pregnancy to flow well, take folic acid in the first three months. The rate of folic acid for pregnant women is 400 mcg per day, and in some cases the daily dose rises to 800 mcg per day. Its goal is to prevent the appearance of various ailments in the fetus and the woman. A woman becomes most sensitive during pregnancy, vulnerable and sensitive, her tastes, habits and desires change. All this must be taken into account by close relatives and help a woman psychologically prepare for childbirth

Signs of Pregnancy

The first signs of pregnancy in women are: a delay in the menstrual cycle, increased body temperature, darkening of the areola-otolaryngous region, increased basal temperature (above 37 degrees), minor pain in the lower abdomen, as well as chest pain, morning toxicosis, fatigue, depression

Pregnancy Symptoms

To the symptoms we will refer those changes that the woman discovers from the first days of an interesting situation. If you have a delay in menstruation and increased basal temperature, measured in the rectum, and in addition to this, there are abundant colorless discharge, then you can safely say that you are expecting the baby.

Hormonal reorganization of a woman leads to increased fatigue and headaches , difficulties with stool ( constipation ) and frequent urination, vomiting, back pain, digestive problems

Toxicosis treatment

Treatment of toxicosis includes, first of all, observation by a doctor, eating is dosed and often, and if necessary, go to a hospital to avoid dehydration. Treatment of early toxicosis requires a natural way - eating ginger, sunflower seeds, one tablespoon of honey in the morning. Usually, toxicosis in pregnant women is closer to the 14th week.

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