Myoma of the uterus

миома матки фото Myoma of the uterus is a hormone-dependent tumor-like benign formation (node), arising from the smooth muscle structures of the uterine wall. Myoma of the uterus certainly has signs of a tumor, but also differs from that, so it's more appropriate to relate it to the Read the full entry »

Vertical birth

вертикальные роды фото Vertical birth is one of the variants of the birth of a child, which is treated as an innovation invented not so long ago and rapidly entered into obstetric practice. But let's turn to the history that keeps in mind that it is the birth of children. Read the full post »

The back hurts during pregnancy

болит спина при беременности фото Very often the future mommy has a backache during pregnancy and not every woman has information in helping herself. Often, the pregnant woman questions: what to do with back pain? It is important to know that minor back pain refers to natural processes and therefore Read the full entry »

IVF pregnancy

эко беременность фото Pregnancy, resulting from IVF gives so many hopes and joy to the future mother. Pregnancy through IVF for many women is the only way to fulfill your dream of becoming a mother. Read the rest of this entry »

Stretch marks during pregnancy

растяжки при беременности фото Stretching during pregnancy to avoid the future mommy is very difficult. What are they? This scarlet-red scars appear when stretching the skin. The main place of their concentration in the area above the abdomen, where very elastic skin. The time of their appearance is the third trimester of pregnancy, and also later, when the fetus is gaining weight with each week and stretches the stomach. Read the rest of this entry »

Poor in pregnancy

плохо при беременности фото Pregnancy is an indescribable joy for every woman to fulfill her main destiny in life - to become a mother, but any pregnancy, even a good one, can periodically darken bad moments, painful conditions, bad Read the full post »

The lower back hurts during pregnancy

болит поясница при беременности фото If you are in an interesting position and you have a low back pain during pregnancy - this indicates that during this period the woman's organism works in an increased mode for two, so it is quite possible and possible that because of these loads you will have a pain in back. Fetal growth changes the center of gravity of the future mummy, hence the pain during pregnancy. From the statistics it is known that the lower back pains in 50% of pregnant women, and already in the postnatal period reaches up to 70% of those who gave birth. Painful unpleasant sensations in the back in the period Read the full entry »

Ointment during pregnancy

мази при беременности фото With the onset of pregnancy, expectant mothers are not encouraged to get involved in ointments. They can hurt the baby very badly. But there is a list of medications that are quite acceptable, which your gynecologist or therapist who prescribes you will appoint. Remember the harm of self-treatment. Read the rest of this entry »