Osteoarthritis treatment and prevention

Osteoarthritis is a dystrophic change in articular cartilage that is not of an inflammatory nature, which occurs in most cases as a result of natural aging of the body. According to statistics, arthrosis is considered quite a common disease, as they suffer from different estimates from ten to fifteen percent of all the inhabitants of our planet

Osteoarthritis is divided into primary and secondary

Primary arthrosis is a disease that occurs as a result of natural changes occurring in the cartilage with age. This disease can develop due to metabolic disorders and because of hereditary predisposition. Articular arthrosis of the joints of the hands is a special type of primary arthrosis.
), эндокринных заболеваний ( гипотиреоз ), метаболических заболеваний ( подагра ) и зачастую возникает по причине постоянной повышенной нагрузки на суставы (лишний вес, специфические условия работы) Secondary arthrosis is a consequence of the ever-suffered trauma, chronic articular inflammatory processes ( arthritis ), endocrine diseases ( hypothyroidism ), metabolic diseases ( gout ) and often arises from the constant increased stress on the joints (excess weight, specific working conditions)


At the initial stage of the course of this disease, due to the reduction of the joint fluid in the joint, its normal functioning is disrupted and pains appear during movement. In most cases, these pains occur after intense physical exertion and pass themselves in a state of rest. But in case of renewed loads, they immediately return.
At the next stage of the disease with arthrosis, the affected joint begins to ache at night, the periarticular tissues become inflamed, and excessive fluid may appear in the joint itself.
In the case of further progression of this disease, at the beginning because of pain symptoms, and then due to the spread of the altered cartilage tissue leading to deformation of the joint, a restriction in the movements develops


Unfortunately for today radical means for carrying out of effective conservative treatment are not developed yet. And all existing methods are applied exclusively on the basis of data on the general condition of the patient, the place of origin of arthrosis (localization) and the degree of joint damage.
At the initial stages of the course of the disease, such methods of treatment as - massage, physiotherapy, sessions of therapeutic mud and the use of anti-inflammatory drugs are used. However, despite the fact that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are able to significantly reduce pain, they should be taken with extreme caution, since in case of regular consumption they are able to change the composition of blood, affect the proper functioning of the liver and lead to the development of gastric and intestinal ulcer


Alas, but to prevent the appearance of arthrosis is impossible, but try to protect your body from its often early appearance and further progression - you can. First of all, it is necessary to exclude excessive strain on the joints and, if possible, try to avoid injuries. Having excess weight - it is necessary to reduce the weight of the body, to reduce the load on the joints. и правильно рационально питаться. It is necessary to treat endocrine diseases in a timely manner and to eat properly.
Moderate exercise (ski walks, walking) opposite are useful in the prevention of arthrosis, as they significantly improve the nutrition and blood supply of the joints.