аритмофобия фото Arrhythmophobia is fear of numbers, manifested in fear of such combinations as 666 or 13. Arrhythmophobia is based on a powerful and indispensable instinct for self-preservation and acts as a protective mechanism. Fear and fear of numbers 13, 666 induces a person to fear and defend themselves from them. Arrhythmophobia is a pathological, unreasonable fear of numbers 13, 666 or other combinations. Why is this happening? There is a subjective opinion of people that certain numbers have an adverse effect on fate, significant events, interpersonal relationships. In the event that these moments are backed up by random coincidences, then fear is densely populated in the soul of arrhythmophobes. Further, arrhythmophobia absorbs the positive emotions of a person and it turns into a figure-dependent, losing all the fullness of life. Laughter, smiles, cheerfulness recede, and emotional dissatisfaction and a pessimistic assessment of the future come to replace.

Arrhythmophobia - Causes

Arrhythmophobia manifests itself in obsessive fear of a certain number and this phobia provokes neurosis , as well as obsessive states . The causes of arrhythmophobia are superstitions, as well as historical religious prejudices.

The flow of emotions of fear of numbers among different people can be strikingly different.

Fear of numbers can manifest itself, both in the form of an excited and suppressed state.

Let's look at the religious prejudices associated with the number 13. One version says that the number 13 is "bad" because there is more than a sacred number 12. According to the biblical tradition, at the secret supper, the apostle Judas Iscariot, who later betrayed Jesus, was sitting at the thirteenth table. With this connect a sign that if at the dinner table 13 people are eating, then one will certainly die within a year. Later in Christianity, a secret conviction was spread that Satan was the 13th angel.

Another version explains that the fear of number 13 is due to the fact that the Jewish calendar in some years includes 13 months.

The interesting fact is that in the Tarot deck the card numbered 13 means death. Jehovah's Witnesses believe that the number 7 represents completeness, as well as completeness, and the triple six indicates a pronounced imperfection.

Some buildings, floors, hotel rooms after 12 are numbered for the citizens' calmness so: 12A, 12B or immediately 14. Some airlines avoid numbering of the 13th place and 13 rows in passenger planes, however there are also reverse examples. Chess player Garry Kasparov attributes the number 13 to his lucky number, and German football player M. Ballack plays under 13 numbers. Italy and China number 13 traditionally considers happy.

Painful fear of the three sixes also explain the influence of Christianity, which influenced the formation of culture. The very number 666 is used for the shade of Satanism, and in other cultures the number 666 is perceived quite differently. Islam, specifically, nothing about the number 666 does not mention. Asian countries consider the number 6 to be happy. This is evidenced by the huge number of marriages of prisoners in Singapore on June 6, 2006.

The same negative and frightening attitude among people by 13 Friday. If we dig deeper into history, we will find that this is a reckless fear, but despite this modern society, the fear of the 13th Friday turns into a tangible economic problem. On such days people behave cautiously, reduce productive activity in their professional activities, do not go to risky deals, postpone new business, cancel negotiations, and as a result - the economies of countries suffer.

Arrhythmophobia - symptoms

Fear and fear of numbers 13, 666 literally can paralyze a person and deprive him of sober, rational thinking. The person is overcome by anxiety, anxiety, bad mood.

Arrhythmophobia can manifest itself at the level of the psyche and at the level of physiology: pressure, sweating, increased pulse, breathing, dryness in the mouth.

Arrhythmophobia - treatment

Psychologists and psychotherapists can offer effective help in the treatment of arrhythmophobia. Psychologists recommend the development of aritmophobes courage, expressed in the ability to step through frightening circumstances and become confident, determined, courageous. Fear in this case is not a weakness, but quite a natural reaction of the body to digital stimuli. If in everyday life the feeling of fear of numbers does not leave and spoils the interaction with others, then the pathological arrhythmophobia most likely developed. In this case, one can not do without qualified and adequate assistance, but it is possible to aggravate the situation in the absence of treatment.

Treatment of arrhythmophobia is aimed at fostering resistance to numbers and the ability to own their emotions by the method of auto-training. Fear of numbers refers to existential fears and is associated with a lack of knowledge in this area. Experts will teach you how to control a person's reactions to fear of numbers with the help of reason, as well as logic.

Thus, frightened Christians suffer from arrhythmophobia, who do not want to learn about the history of these beliefs and try to get rid of this fear, but only able to strengthen and nurture their fear from day to day, passing it on to their descendants.

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