анорексия фото Anorexia is the word that came to our active dictionary from ancient Greece and literally denotes - the lack of a urge to eat. In medicine, using the term anorexia, means a syndrome characterized by a conscious refusal of food, a prolonged lack of appetite and the disappearance of the basic instinct - hunger.

: первичная детская анорексия, психическая анорексия, психическая болезненная анорексия, нервная анорексия, лекарственная анорексия Types of anorexia : primary children's anorexia, mental anorexia, mental painful anorexia, anorexia nervosa, drug anorexia

Causes of anorexia

The causes of this disease are different: taking medical and herbal drugs that reduce appetite; constant intake of diuretics; an organism failure in the metabolism; conscious intake of laxatives for patients

Anorexia symptoms

- a sharp decrease in weight and lack of appetite (in the adolescent period manifested by the inability to gain weight during active growth)

- depression, insomnia and problems related to sleep

- spasmodic pain in the muscles, arrhythmia of the heart

- state of eternal cold and weakness

- endocrine disorder of the body (amenorrhea in women, and libido in men)

Anorexia symptoms

- pathological fear of the patient before the opportunity to grow fat to obesity and the urgent need to reduce weight

- Anorexia sufferers deny their problem associated with a sharp weight loss

- increased desire of the patient to lose weight and for this reason a deliberate refusal to eat

- the patient's conviction that he is excessively full and needs to lose weight

- a violation in eating habits (eating on the go, reducing portions and dividing into parts)

- after meals the patient artificially induces vomiting

- increased enthusiasm for gymnastic exercises until exhaustion

- incorrect interpretation of one's own body (personal perception of the body does not correspond to the real weight)

- increased interest in cooking and collecting recipes, cooking dishes for the family and a simultaneous refusal to participate in meals, interest in diets , approval of vegetarianism

- refusal of mass exits to the world and holidays associated with the feast

- communication with relatives is minimized

- multiple visits and seclusion in the bathroom for a long time

- Enhanced out-of-home sports activities

pallor of the skin

- irritation, unreasonable insult, turning into aggression, anger and sadness

Stage anorexia

- a dysmorphophobic (imaginary notion of its fullness, which led to feelings on this matter, fear of being ridiculed for this reason by relatives and people from their environment, constant weighing, depressive state, refusal to eat high-calorie foods)

- dysmorphic (strong confidence in its fullness and need to lose weight, intentions for losing weight very serious and active passion for anorexic patients with secret starvation, drinking huge amounts of fluid and causing artificial vomiting, dependence on laxatives and diuretics)

- cachectic (complete absence of appetite, decrease in gastric acidity and appearance of the first signs of dystrophy , weight loss by half from the initial weight, lowering of pressure and body temperature, slow heart rate, occurrence of gastritis and other related diseases) анорексия

Anorexia treatment

The consequences of anorexia are often deplorable and sad, and without the help of relatives to begin treatment of patients with anorexia is not realistic. Anorexia patients deny their problem and disease. And only with the participation of relatives who reacted in time to symptoms and signs of anorexia, it is possible to avoid tragedy in the family. Western psychiatrists are sounding the alarm, because the consequences of anorexia are mortality when the treatment is ignored. And an honorable first place among deaths for mental illnesses is nervous anorexia. Domestic studies have shown that anorexia nervosa involves in its "network" of 4 percent of girls in the age range of thirteen to twenty years. Men are not affected by such disorders, although the growth of male anorexia has recently been indicated. In adolescence, when the issue of appearance is the number one problem, it is very important not to miss your child so that he does not join the ranks of those suffering from anorexia. Keep emotionally your child, do not lower his self-esteem, do not criticize the appearance, give up authoritarian statements towards the girl, stop not correct statements about your child to anyone. This way you can prevent the appearance of anorexia and start treating it on time with the necessary symptoms and signs.

If the trouble touched your family, then immediately give up the cult of eating in the family or the wrong approach to nutrition. With your own example, show that you are not a supporter of diets and consider yourself to be perfection. Forget about your problems and dedicate yourself to an anorexic patient. Only your support, love, sense of necessity and tact. Girls with anorexia respond painfully to comments, so forget about scandals, forced nutrition, quarrels and tears. Have patience and knowledge of your problem. Many people are interested in the question, but how to treat anorexia? In medical clinics, programs aimed at treating anorexia have been established, where they will be assisted and rendered professional psychological and medical assistance. After discharge from the clinic, you need to undergo outpatient treatment to fix and weight for six months. If you do not want to publicize and begin treatment for anorexia at home, then you need to introduce frequent fractional meals, and after meals diversionary exciting activities in order to avoid vomiting of the patient. Constant, benevolent, inconspicuous control of the patient and stimulation of appetite (arrange long meals with gastronomic delights, which the patient could not deny himself before, introduce new beautifully designed dishes into the ration, go to restaurants with a variety of cuisines, enter into the habit of daily walks) and most importantly - give love to a patient with anorexia. Use in your treatment with a favorable current method of reward (the desired gift) and expand personal freedom, but for a long time without supervision of an anorexic patient do not leave. If the patient refuses to eat, referring to a lack of appetite, offer liquid food (various nutritional mixtures). Record the amount of liquids and urine. This is very important for the adjustment of water - electrolyte reactions in the body. The decrease in potassium in the body entails cardiac problems and the lack of potassium in the body is replenished intravenously. Drug therapy includes the following drugs for the treatment of anorexia: cyproheptadine, chlorpromazine, amitriptyline, but strictly according to the doctor's prescription. From folk medicine, you should pay tribute to the appetizing herbs and soothing plants. Very successful will be their combination according to taste, this: peppermint, rowan fruit, lavender, plantain leaf, tansy, oregano, wormwood herb, nettle leaf, yarrow, root of ayr. анорексия

Victims of anorexia after prolonged hospitalization and favorable treatment are susceptible to recurrence of the disease. And it is desirable during this period from the field of vision of the patient not to miss. Repeated hospitalization in this situation can be avoided extremely rarely, and complete recovery occurs in half of those suffering from anorexia.