Atopic dermatitis in children

атопический дерматит у детей фото Atopic dermatitis in children is a cutaneous, allergic disease that is caused by allergens, as well as toxins that affect the baby's skin. The disease is caused by a genetic predisposition to an excess of immunoglobulin E on contact with provoking allergens. To the signs of atopic dermatitis in children the various are attributed. Read the rest of this entry »

Allergic vasculitis

аллергический васкулит фото Allergic vasculitis - pathological damage and inflammation of the blood vessels of the skin of an allergic nature, leading to ischemia of tissues and organs. Ischemic manifestations directly depend on the location and magnitude of the pathologically altered vessel. Аллергический васкулит Read the rest of this entry »

Allergic bronchitis

аллергический бронхит фото Allergic bronchitis is a polyetiological disease, in other words, it can develop as a result of exposure to household allergens (pollen of plants, house dust, animal hair, etc.), and under the influence of bacterial or viral stimuli, more often it is a pathogenic staphilococcus. Usually relapse of allergic bronchitis Read the rest of this entry »

Allergic itching

аллергический зуд фото Allergic pruritus is one of the main symptoms of a developing allergic reaction. Other basic symptoms of allergy include frequent sneezing, runny nose, eye tearing, swelling and redness of the skin. Often, severe forms of allergies are transformed into Read the full entry »

Allergic rashes

аллергические высыпания фото Various skin rashes are one of the most common symptoms of an allergic reaction in a person's body. Most often, allergic skin rashes are the response of the immune defense. Read the rest of this entry »

Allergy to humans

аллергия на человека фото Allergy is a pathological overestimation of the body's response to foreign substances. And whether there is an allergy on the person?

An allergy to a person is the rejection of another person as a person or his effect on you. Manifestations of an allergy on Read the full entry »

Allergic rhinitis

аллергический насморк фото At least a quarter of the population of our planet in recent years, there is periodically observed a cold of allergic nature, not associated with colds, which is accompanied by difficulty breathing, Read the rest of this entry »

Allergic rash

аллергическая сыпь фото One of the main reasons for the appearance of a short-term itchy rash is any allergic reaction developed in the body. Skin manifestations of allergies in the form of rashes or spots can appear completely on any part of the human body, Read the full entry »