Allergy to the body

аллергия на теле фото Allergy to the body is a rather extensive concept, including a large number of various diseases and their manifestations. That is why the treatment of allergies on the body can not begin until an accurate definition of the allergic reaction of a provoking source.

At different people the allergy on a body is shown differently. Some have red spots on their bodies, others have a rash all over their bodies, someone suffocates from an allergic attack, etc. An allergic reaction to the body is usually manifested by various types of eruptions and edema, accompanied by a continuous painful itching. In addition to skin manifestations, allergies can be manifested by the following symptoms: difficulty breathing, constant sneezing, coughing, runny nose, lachrymation. In some particularly severe cases, allergies can lead to the development of such extremely life-threatening conditions as Quincke's edema and anaphylactic shock

What is the cause of the allergy on the body?

The development of this allergic reaction can be triggered by the penetration into the body of a truly huge number of different substances with which any person contacts every second. These include book and household dust, wool and feathers of wild and domestic animals, pollen of wind-pollinated plants, cosmetic and medicinal products, poisons of reptiles and insects, any food, etc. Even slight exposure to cold or heat can cause allergic manifestations on the body.

To date, the specific reasons for the development of allergies to the body are not fully understood. Infectionists blame for the development of this disease, various infectious diseases, for their part, neuropathologists find a variety of reasons directly in the nervous system, and immunologists and allergists all blame the "antigen-antibody" mechanism.

Is it true that an allergy is a rash on the body? No, this is not entirely true, since the allergic reaction is not always a rash, and on the contrary, the rash does not always have to be associated with an allergy.

The child's allergy on the body usually manifests itself after using modern low-quality products and bright sweets, which caring and loving parents buy in unlimited quantities to children. Also, allergic manifestations on the child's body can appear after using breastmilk, if the mother did not observe the recommended diet for this period of her life and consumed allergenic foods during the period of breastfeeding.

To treat the disease should be started immediately after its detection, and self-medication is strictly forbidden, since in the case of an incorrectly determined causative allergen, manifestations will only intensify, which can lead to irreparable and sometimes fatal consequences. Only a qualified allergist, after a person has submitted tests for an allergy and a causative allergen will be determined, can prescribe an appropriate treatment for each particular case

Treatment of allergies on the body

In order to cure the allergy on the body, modern pharmacology has developed a huge number of different medications for both internal and external use. A lot of people are inclined to folk remedies, although they are not as effective as medications.

One of the widely used and sufficiently effective agents are all kinds of gels, many of which contain in their composition not only antiallergic agents, but also have a cooling effect, due to which it is possible to significantly reduce the itching for allergies. The most popular anti-allergic gel is Fenistil, which is able to eliminate allergy symptoms in hives, eczema, burns, dermatitis and after insect bites.

Also, the body allergy is often treated by injection, and according to many researchers, injections are the most effective way to treat this disease. The most effective method of treatment is the so-called specific immunotherapy, when gradually increasing doses of an allergen-provoking allergen are injected into the body by injection. Carry out this treatment should be only in the cold season. Immunotherapy helps the patient's immune system to begin to fight the alien agent on its own, without the help of medications.

. Bay leaf for allergies on the body . Bay leaf as an effective folk remedy people have been using since ancient times. In the old days, they were treated with diabetes mellitus , psoriasis, gout, arthritis, as well as allergic manifestations on the body. Nowadays pediatricians often advise mothers to treat all of the rashes that appear on the baby's skin with a decoction of bay leaf. In addition to its absolute safety, this means of folk medicine for allergies on the body is most effective.

Allergy on the body is one of the first signs indicating a malfunction in the adequate functioning of the immune system. Therefore, in case of its appearance, it is necessary not to delay seeking help from an allergist who, after conducting specific studies, will prescribe the most effective treatment.