Allergy to humans

аллергия на человека фото Allergy is a pathological overestimation of the body's response to foreign substances. And whether there is an allergy on the person?

An allergy to a person is the rejection of another person as a person or his effect on you. Manifestations of an allergy to the human immune system can be expressed by pain in the eyes, swelling, runny nose, urticaria, sneezing and coughing.

Allergies to humans are often caused by the inability to breathe with one air. It seems that this person is releasing a substance that is not compatible with your Ego. It happens that the neighbor can become the most powerful allergen, provided that if he starts to climb out of his business, and therefore causes irritation in the shell of the nose and leads to a sneeze.

Allergies to humans, previously considered outlandish, are now becoming more popular and more aggressive. To earn an allergy to a person, including a neighbor, you can directly from school, as well as in retirement age. The disease podkashivaet residents of highly civilized, economically developed countries.

An allergy to another person is a payoff for our selfishness. The growth of egoism includes the mechanism of development of allergic reactions to the neighbor and this disease is incurable. Sneezing crowds ...

Allergies to humans - causes

Why does this disease occur? The answer is in genetics. There is a predisposition to allergies to people. A child with 100% probability will sneeze at his neighbors if the same thing was done by his parents. Allergy is often due to a decrease in immunity. But it happens that a person does not perceive another and believes that his ailments are caused by this person.

: Causes of psychological allergy :

- a person who is next to another frame of mind, temperament; is the opposite of your character, and the human body is characterized by the negation of someone who is very different from him;

- similarity with the person in the shortcomings leads to the fact that there is a strong release of hormones that cause allergic reactions;

- the specific smell of a person, to which there is a sharp reaction.

Medical theory of the emergence of allergies to humans

Allergy to humans is an autoimmune disease, expressed in allergies to saliva, epithelium (skin), human hair, accompanied by itching, rash on the head, face. Symptomatic gradually increases, leads the patient to severe exacerbation (scratching). Antiallergic drugs with such a disease are ineffective.

The psychological theory of the development of allergy to humans

There is a connection between hatred and the development of selfishness, and there is no freedom from these qualities. In our time, all the structures of human society are subject to such allergies: parents are sneezed by children, teachers are pupils, young people are old, old people are young, leaders are against the people.

The allergy to humans was not so obvious 100 years ago. Blame for all that pollution of the human environment. Every year, the people's ego grows at a rapid pace, while saturating society with its poison and creating a newer generation with an increasingly dirty environment. Having inhaled air from particles of the Ego of people, and at a mismatch of interests, you will have an allergic reaction. If interests coincide, the air will seem pleasant and clean. Hence it follows that the cause of sneezing is the mismatch of interests and their sharp opposite. People become more aggressive, not wanting to adapt to habits, the characters of others, and allergic manifestations intensify: cough, runny nose, itchy skin. The development of egoism has led to terrible consequences, and the world seeks to destroy mankind by its own hands. Allergy is equated with hatred. The selfishness of people prevents the emergence of love, as the only cure for allergies to humans.

Allergy in the sense of philosophy is a kind of egoism, as well as cynicism, expressed in exaggerated claims to others. The self-indulgence is done to itself: "I'm good, normal and let another person change." And if you look at the position of the opponent, then there is definitely the same point of view. And where is the truth?

Allergy to humans - treatment

Special tests for diagnosis and treatment of allergies to humans do not exist. You can, of course, carry out skin tests and donate blood to IgE and after the examination make ASIT (allergen-specific immunotherapy), which is carried out exactly by those allergens that caused the maximum reaction. This is the only treatment that significantly reduces the disease and prevents the development of new allergic reactions. Examination and treatment is strictly prescribed by an allergist.

For successful treatment it is necessary to remove the allergen from the contact. The coexistence and patience of the allergen is not permissible. And in order to be tolerant to an allergen-man, you need to understand it and stop prejudiced. The disease is often due to a decrease in immunity. But it happens that a person does not perceive another and believes that his ailments are caused by this person. Doctors-allergists refer the disease to exceptions to the rules, so you need to seek help from a psychologist, because the reasons are not related to physiology, but lie in the psychological characteristics of the person who fell ill.

Prevention of allergies to humans

Stay away from the person who causes you allergic reactions, limit contact with such people. Walk in the fresh air, make boat trips, get out into the parks and forest.

Remember that an allergic reaction to a person refers to rare phenomena and is due in most cases to psychological characteristics.